Whitman on Illini hockey: “Nothing definite”


CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Hockey at the University of Illinois seems to becoming more and more likely. Athletic Director Josh Whitman said this week that they are walking “down a path as if it’s going to happen”, but nothing is confirmed as of now.

“Nothing definite, no. We continue to walk down the path as if it’s going to happen. We’re raising a lot of money. We’ve had several million dollars in commitments come in the door here over the last month or so,” Whitman said. “But we still have many millions more to go. We’re looking at different revenue opportunities. It may not be all donor funded, we may come up with some other corporate opportunities. Corporate naming, corporate sponsorship, some retail opportunities, concessions, there’s a lot of different things that we could do around the building that would generate revenue. Again, those opportunities are enhanced because of being in downtown.”

The new facility would be located in downtown Champaign and also become the new home of Illini wrestling, gymnastics, and volleyball.

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