Sunday No Huddle (10/21/18)


MADISON, Wis. (WCIA) — For the third time in the last four games Illinois allowed their opponents to score 45 or more points. Craig Choate and Jeremy Werner break it down in the Sunday No Huddle.

“This is two weeks in a row now that they’ve given up 40 points. This defense just doesn’t seem like it’s improving.”

“A Lovie Smith and Hardy Nickerson defense in year three you think would be a lot better. I think they were put in a lot of bad positions by their offense in the first half but you saw Wisconsin’s offensive line and running backs you knew at some point they were going to take over and they did in the second half, once the offense started to get going a little bit. You’re looking for something to hang your hat on defensively and they still look too young, too weak compared to the rest of the Big Ten and then they’re not forcing turnovers the last couple weeks against some good teams.”

“Offensively they’ve been taking care of the ball really well, until today. Five first half turnovers.”

“Can’t beat a good team with that. You can’t beat really any team if you do that. If you do that against Rutgers they might lose but five turnovers in the first half is inexplicable for this team. Reggie Corbin and AJ Bush, who they thought were two of their best players, Corbin still had 100 yard day, but obviously you had to make the move from AJ Bush. And those kind of turnovers just kill you. A bad team like this, young team like this can’t build out of that.”

“You touched on it a little bit, the quarterback change there in the first half. They said last week they’re trying to save that redshirt, doesn’t look like it anymore.”

“Things change a lot when AJ played as poorly as he has. I’ve been a guy, I saw AJ perform in practice.You’ve seen him perform in practice. He was the best quarterback leading into the season, hasn’t translated to the field. Maybe you see now why he’s on his third school. MJ Rivers didn’t light the world on fire but he lead them to 17 points and he gives them a chance. He’s played the best against the best opponents Illinois has played so I think you close the book on AJ Bush, you move forward with MJ Rivers because he gives you the best chance now to compete and he’s your future.”

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