Sunday No Huddle (10/14/18)


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Where do the Illini go after a 46-7 loss to Purdue? Craig Choate and Robert Rosenthal try to make sense of it in the Sunday No Huddle.

“A chance to prove you’re making progress, throw a couple Big Ten wins back to back… what happened?”

“There is no answer for that. To have similar rosters, to have similar talent, to have it be homecoming in Champaign, head to head with a team where you can say or show where you’re at as a program and to get it handed to you like that where it wasn’t even close. This was like a FBS team playing and FCS team, like Division I against Division I-AA. It wasn’t even competitive.”

“Defense gives up 404 yards in the first half, they do give up 600 total, just a lot of holes in that defense.”

“Yeah, and I don’t know where the fixes come from. This is the scheme, this is what they’re going to run with, it’s hard to change it halfway through the season, it’s what they’ve been developing. I think this showed what happens when there’s no turnovers.”

“How worrisome is it that other teams can look at this and say ‘There’s how we beat Illinois?'”

“That’s the big problem going into the second half of the season is you’ve shown that if you have a quarterback who can complete to his receivers, there’s not going to be much pressure, you can probably throw all day on Illinois. And Purdue was just blitzing off the edges saying I dare you, you have 5 receivers and 4 defensive backs, we dare you to throw the ball, one guys is wide open and Illinois couldn’t complete that. Now what do you do? So there are massive adjustments that are going to have to happen in the second half of this season.”

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