Sunday Fast Break (4/9)


CHAMPAIGN — Illinois is now left with only two signees in their 2017 recruiting class. So where do they go from here? Craig Choate and Derek Piper discuss in this week’s Sunday Fast Break.

Tilmon, Pickett both ask for their release. What happened?”

“Obviously frustrating for the staff thinking keeping Jamall Walker, who recruited both of those guys, he was going to keep them. Tilmon’s camp had said the entire time that keeping Jamall was really the key for them staying with their pledge. There was a lot of noise on the outside, Mizzou was pushing a lot of different buttons to try and get into his ear and into his family’s ear and now he’s going to be available and on the market. He has requested his release and they will grant it, it sounds like.”

Alright so now they’re left with two signees for 2017, four open scholarships, it’s really late. What now?

“You really got to look on the transfer market, obviously. Carlton Bragg is a name that has come up recently, that Jamall Walker and Orlando Antigua had reached out to his camp. Both of those guys recruited him during his first time around at Illinois and Kentucky being involved. So he’s going to be highly touted and a very talented guy. And you got to find a big guy. With Michael Finke being your only center, he’s not even a true center so got to go on the 5th year market.”

The same day Tilmon asks for his release, they announce two assistants. Orlando Andtigua and Jamall Walker. Antigua was big at UK when they got some of their big names. I think that’s bigger news than Tilmon decommiting.

“It is really big news, obviously. He’s a talent getter and you think about Brad Underwood, he’s a very good coach just needs the talent at his disposal to make them better. Antigua did a lot of big things at Kentucky, getting John Wall and Anthony Davis, the list goes on of all the guys that he’s recruited so obviously knows how to make connections with recruits and sell the program. To have him as one of your lead recruiters, that’s big time news.”

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