NEW YORK CITY, Ny. (WCIA) — Illinois men’s basketball are coming off a huge win off the east coast against No. 2 Texas. The Illini came back from being 10 points down in the second half to tie up the game to go to overtime.

With crucial buckets by freshman Jayden Epps, graduate student and Baylor transfer Matthew Mayer led the Illini with 21 points. Mayer hadn’t been making many shots so far this season and he says he was confident they’d start falling soon.

“I said this earlier, but I came in today with the mindset, it wasn’t like I chose to have this mindset, I just stopped caring. I just didn’t care anymore,” Mayer said. “When I made that shot, if I missed it I would’ve kept shooting. I was just really calm today and it felt really good.”