Calvin Avery facing challenge of college football, and cutting weight


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Defensive tackle Calvin Avery arrived at Illinois as one of the piece of the future. But he needed to do one thing, cut some weight from his 350 pound frame. Annice McEwan recently caught up with Avery to see how his camp is going.

“Calvin how are these first couple of weeks gone and how do you feel like you’re fitting in?”

“I feel like I’ve been fitting in pretty good. These first couple of weeks have been kind of rough for me weight-wise, stamina-wise, but I feel like I’m coming along pretty good.”

“Where are you at right now, and how much are you needing to get (rid of)?”

“I’m at 334.3 exactly. I’m trying to get down to at least 325. I’ve been working. I came in at 349, so it’s been a journey for me.”

“Has the diet been a challenge, too? Have you had to cut some things out? Eat smaller portions?”

“I’m not back in Texas no more. There’s no Whattaburger, no more Golden Chicks. It’s been hitting me kind of hard. I can’t eat no more fried foods. Sebastian ( ) put me on salads and fruit diet.”

“Pretty deep roster here on the defensive line. Are you getting the reps that you want and is it pushing you to have so many guys there?”

“There’s a lot of guys that have really been stepping up over the past couple of days. All these players are fighting for a starting position. I’ve got to fight for my starting position.”

“I see Coach Clark talking to you quite a bit. What’s that relationship like? Is he pushing you quite a bit?”

“Coach Clark says he pushes me harder than any other defensive player he’s ever coached, and I truly see it. I’m tired every practice and he just wants me to keep going. That’s all he screams at me, ‘Keep going!’ I be like, ‘Coach, OK.’ So I keep going and it’s just like, I got to keep giving more. That’s all he want out of me is my best effort. He’s trying to reach my full potential. So, I’m going for it. I’m starving.”

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