Illini lineman Vederian Lowe 1-on-1


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WCIA) — Illinois senior Vederian Lowe visits with WCIA 3’s Marlee Wierda 1-on-1 at Big Ten football media day about his decision to come back for another season of college football, supporting his family and what a final year in Orange and Blue means to him.

“What does it mean for you to take over that role for him?”

“It means everything, I always knew I wanted to watch after my brother. I never knew I would have to take guardianship over him, and I never thought I would be in college while I did it. So it’s something that I knew that I wanted to do, I just didn’t know I’d do it now.”

“You also welcomed your second child to the world this year, now a father of two, what’s it like balancing fatherhood and football?”

“It can be tough — it can be tough. I do like to say I handle it well, with the help of my wife, she does a great job of making sure I stay focused on football, but then I still have to go home, get my kids out of bed if they’re still sleeping, and just start their day off. It can be tough, but I think I do a great job with it.”

“Are you excited for the season, it’s around the corner, is it starting to sink in yet?”

“Oh yeah, and we just can’t wait for all the fans to come in and pack the stadium, and can’t wait until everyone is screaming. We have a tunnel vision on that game, and that’s where were focused at, that’s where all of our time, energy, and effort is going to.”

“This O-line, you guys have been like an anchor for the team, going through this journey together. What does it mean to have one last ride with these guys, and do it as an O-Line group?”

“With the group that we have, me, doug, Palcho, we’ve all been through so much together, we have such great chemistry, we all try to feed off each other, we all try to become as knowledgable as we can of the playbook, and I just think that helps us a lot.”

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