CHARLESTON (WCIA) — Coming into the prelims ranked as the 13th seed, the Rantoul 4×400 team pulled the upset placing fifth and qualifying for the state finals. But as excited as they were, they didn’t have much time to celebrate in Charleston. They needed to get to Rantoul for graduation.

“I think it was more of a time thing, like would we make it back in time or walk the stage and stuff,” Rantoul senior runner Avontay Anderson said. “But we made it happen, glad we get to do this and go get our diploma today. In general it’s just a great day today.”

“After this, big, big boost of confidence,” Rantoul senior runner Nathan Kelley said. “We hit our goal, I think that’s all we need.”

The Eagles are only entered in one other event, so individual pride and medals is what they’ll be competing for on Saturday. At another Champaign County school, Urbana’s Jackson Gilbert has his eyes on first place as well. The junior finished the prelims second in the 400 meters, and fourth in the 200 meters. After helping the Tigers bring home their first team trophy in 79 years last season, he’s looking to lock up the gold medal.

“My body feels good, I know all my competitors they’re all good, they feel good too,” Gilbert said. “But I feel like if I believe I won’t lose, I won’t lose. That’s what I believe right now, I’m good.”

The IHSA state finals for all three classes start at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning at Eastern Illinois University.

 Mens Results

100 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.12Keegan Fogarty10.83a (0.5)PRPrinceton
5.10Kenneth Buchanon10.85a (0.5)East St. Louis (Sr.)
2.11Braydon Waller10.88a (-0.2)PRChicago Heights (Marian)
3.10Jayon Morrow10.89a (1.0)Kankakee (Sr.)
6.12Christian Keyhea10.91a (0.5)Mt. Zion
7.11Aneefy Ford11.00a (-0.2)Streator (Twp.)
4.9Chris Nelson11.02a (0.3)Herrin (H.S.)
8.12Skylar Giles11.03a (0.3)Peoria (Richwoods)
9.12Dawson Feyen11.07a (0.3)Galena (H.S.)
10.11Nolan Milas11.08a (0.3)Burlington (Central)
11.11Malachi Wren11.09a (0.3)East St. Louis (Sr.)
11.10Cameron Williams11.09a (-0.2)Glen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
13.12Myles Johnston11.12a (1.0)Morris
14.9Kyrese Lukens11.13a (-0.2)Herrin (H.S.)
15.10Rasheed Johnson11.16a (-0.2)Rockford (Boylan Catholi…
16.12Jacob Tackett11.21a (1.0)Monticello
17.10Morrison Giggetts11.22a (0.5)PRChicago (Payton)
18.12Nikolas Norton11.25a (0.5)Chicago (St. Rita)
19.12Joseph Spaulding11.25a (0.5)Chicago (King)
20.12Jerome Cranford11.28a (0.5)Peoria (Manual)
21.12Sean Abracia-Wendel11.34a (0.5)Genoa (G.-Kingston)
22.12Kaleb Brown11.34a (1.0)Chicago (St. Rita)
23.12Kristian Nelson11.36a (0.3)Chicago (South Shore Int…
24.12Cade Stevens11.37a (1.0)Streator (Twp.)
25.11Mark Duenas11.38a (1.0)Woodstock (North)
26.11Josh Holst11.43a (0.3)Marengo
27.10Josh Board11.44a (-0.2)Joliet (Catholic Academy)
28.9Jahri McClendon11.61a (0.3)Chicago (DePaul College …
29.11Jonathan Goff11.69a (1.0)Lombard (Montini)
30.12Mason Rinkel11.71a (-0.2)Aurora (Illinois Math an…
200 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.10Jayon Morrow21.85a (0.6)Kankakee (Sr.)
2.12EJ Nwagwu21.86a (0.9)PRChicago (St. Rita)
3.12Christian Keyhea21.91a (1.2)Mt. Zion
4.11Jackson Gilbert22.05a (0.9)Urbana
5.9Chris Nelson22.06a (1.2)Herrin (H.S.)
6.12Skylar Giles22.06a (0.9)PRPeoria (Richwoods)
7.12Keegan Fogarty22.06a (0.6)PRPrinceton
8.10Cameron Williams22.10a (0.6)PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
9.12Adrian Williams22.12a (0.6)Burbank (St. Laurence)
10.10Kenneth Buchanon22.14a (0.9)East St. Louis (Sr.)
11.12Dawson Feyen22.20a (1.2)Galena (H.S.)
12.10Terrell King22.43a (1.2)Urbana
13.12Jeff Oestricher22.74a (0.6)PRSycamore
14.12John Green Jr.22.81a (0.6)Chicago (Agricultural Sc…
15.11Malachi Wren22.82a (1.2)East St. Louis (Sr.)
16.10Matthew Brooks22.83a (1.2)North Chicago
17.12Jerome Cranford22.88a (1.2)Peoria (Manual)
18.12Myles Johnston22.91a (1.2)Morris
19.11Matthew Russette22.97a (0.9)Chicago (DePaul College …
20.12Marcus Garrett23.05a (0.6)Mt. Vernon (H.S.)
21.12Daniel Crawford23.17a (0.9)Arlington Heights (St. V…
22.12Jaylen Madison23.30a (0.6)Chicago (South Shore Int…
12Ayinde ReeseDNS (1.2)Chicago (Payton)
12DeWayne JohnsonDNS (0.9)Pontiac
11Jyaire HillDNS (0.9)Kankakee (Sr.)
400 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.10Jayon Morrow48.58aKankakee (Sr.)
2.11Jackson Gilbert48.85aUrbana
3.11Evan Rainville49.66a PRChicago (Payton)
4.11Reece Dusek49.67a PRBartonville (Limestone)
5.10Patrick Hilby49.68aAurora (Central Catholic)
6.12Bryson Wilson49.75aMarion
7.12Dawson Feyen49.80a PRGalena (H.S.)
8.12EJ Nwagwu49.83a PRChicago (St. Rita)
9.12Zac Schmidt50.05aBurlington (Central)
10.11Sam Atkinson50.18aMt. Zion
11.12Marcus Price50.22a PRBreese (Central)
12.11Timothy Cross50.51aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
13.10Plamedi Nseka50.72aGalesburg (H.S.)
14.12Jackson Burroughs51.01aAurora (Marmion Academy)
15.10Austin Dedecker51.09aCarbondale (H.S.)
16.10Matthew Brooks51.29aNorth Chicago
17.11Jude Horak51.41aNew Lenox (Providence Ca…
18.12Tommy May51.55a PRLombard (Montini)
19.12Jacob Gusse51.59aDixon (H.S.)
20.9John Hannah III51.76a PRRichton Park (Southland …
21.12Spencer Loy52.34aRochester
22.12Forrest Hull52.50a PRJohnsburg
23.11Bryce Sayles52.75aChicago (Lindblom)
24.11Matthew Russette52.93aChicago (DePaul College …
25.9Bryant Redd55.62aBurbank (St. Laurence)
800 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.12Garrett Slack1:54.82aLincoln
2.10Patrick Hilby1:56.25a PRAurora (Central Catholic)
3.10Gavin Genisio1:56.73aBenton
4.11Sam Atkinson1:56.92aMt. Zion
5.10Payton Whitehead1:57.19a PRLake Villa (Lakes)
6.11Caden Emmert1:57.78aSycamore
7.12Elias Wilkin1:58.76a PRChicago (Payton)
8.11Dion Ranson1:58.96a PRChicago (South Shore Int…
9.12Mark Masaka1:59.16aNiles (Northridge Prep)
10.12Ethan Castette1:59.46a PRChicago (DePaul College …
11.12Chase Pitre1:59.56a PRChicago (De La Salle)
12.10Trey Mygatt1:59.96aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
13.12Brad Schardan2:00.20a PRStanford (Olympia)
14.12Owen Dare2:00.26aStanford (Olympia)
15.10Layton Knoop2:00.52aMorton
16.12Ryan Rice2:01.32aNormal (University)
17.9Griffin Schneid2:01.71a PRLisle (Benet Academy)
18.11Thomas Holcomb2:01.97aSterling (H.S.)
19.12Aslan Henderson2:05.23aBethalto (Civic Memorial)
20.12Lee O’Bryan2:06.21aOak Park (Fenwick)
21.9Darris Ivy2:07.19aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
22.11Nathan Fernandez2:08.76aEvergreen Park
12Ben MorganDNSHerscher
11Grayden RillDNSOak Park (Fenwick)
1600 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.12Wilson Georges4:20.24aBartonville (Limestone)
3.12Drew Rogers4:20.69aHerscher
2.10Gavin Genisio4:21.65aBenton
4.11Brenden Heitzig4:23.06aLincoln
5.12Michael Schumacher4:23.50aArlington Heights (St. V…
6.11Mac Kittrell4:26.01a PRChicago (DePaul College …
7.12Lance Miller4:26.59aMascoutah
8.11Joe Schwartz4:27.00aWaterloo (H.S.)
9.12Yusuf Baig4:30.08aBurlington (Central)
10.11Grayden Rill4:30.88aOak Park (Fenwick)
11.10Dale Johnson4:31.06aSterling (H.S.)
12.11Cale Smith4:31.30a PRDecatur (Eisenhower)
13.10Justice Eldridge4:32.01aBethalto (Civic Memorial)
14.10Josh Weeks4:35.00a PRMorton
15.11Kaden Welch4:35.19a PRMorris
16.11Max Elder4:36.05a PRNiles (Northridge Prep)
17.11Jackson Collman4:38.45aBethalto (Civic Memorial)
18.11Owen Flom4:39.47aChicago (DePaul College …
19.12Matt Clark4:40.88aMorris
20.12Chase Pitre4:45.16aChicago (De La Salle)
21.9Gabriel Schonknecht4:45.55a PRChicago (De La Salle)
22.9Daniel Kasperan4:48.88aChicago Heights (Marian)
10Dean O’BryanDNSOak Park (Fenwick)
110m Hurdles – 39″ 2A – Prelims
1.12DeWayne Johnson14.60a (0.5)Pontiac
2.12Jason Huang14.70a (0.2)Lisle (Benet Academy)
4.11Demarlynn Taylor14.86a (0.2)East St. Louis (Sr.)
3.12Alec Sledge14.92a (0.1)Mt. Vernon (H.S.)
5.11Keshawn Lyons15.05a (0.2)Cahokia (H.S.)
6.11Jaden Bossie15.28a (0.1)Chicago (Mt. Carmel)
7.12Nolin Hulett15.28a (0.1)PRChillicothe (Illinois Va…
8.11Dylan Bazzell15.28a (0.5)Fairbury (Prairie Centra…
9.12Nickolos Hall15.40a (0.5)PRKankakee (Sr.)
10.10Jacob Rapps15.67a (0.2)Geneseo
11.12Miles Wood15.73a (0.5)Champaign (Central)
12.12Jabari McNeal15.73a (0.1)PRCountry Club Hills (Hill…
13.12Bayley Pierce15.77a (0.2)Freeport
14.11Austin Robinson15.98a (0.5)Springfield (Lanphier)
15.12Matthew Marcum16.08a (0.2)Rock Falls
16.10Harper Bryan16.27a (0.5)PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
17.10Ameen Koya-Oyefuwa16.31a (0.2)PRChicago (Northside)
18.12Andrew Erdman16.37a (0.5)Dunlap
19.12Jackson Taylor16.56a (0.1)Decatur (Eisenhower)
20.12Javier Gomez16.59a (0.1)Niles (Northridge Prep)
21.11David Dusza16.71a (0.2)Norridge (Ridgewood)
22.10Joe Jones16.80a (0.1)Chicago (De La Salle)
23.11Jared Kniola16.91a (0.1)Woodstock
24.12Anton Tramil17.48a (0.5)PRChicago (Phoenix Militar…
11Brett AimoneFS (0.5)LaSalle (L.-Peru)
300m Hurdles – 36″ 2A – Prelims
1.12Matthew Marcum39.73a SRRock Falls
4.11Demarlynn Taylor39.74aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
2.12Townsend Barton40.37aCarterville
5.11Keshawn Lyons40.38aCahokia (H.S.)
6.12Jalen Townsend40.60a PRKankakee (Sr.)
7.12Alec Sledge41.05aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
3.12Jackson Taylor41.08a PRDecatur (Eisenhower)
8.12Christian Micetich41.38aCoal City
9.12Bayley Pierce41.38aFreeport
10.11Jaden Bossie41.41a PRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
11.12Michael Carlucci41.59a PRArlington Heights (St. V…
12.12DeWayne Johnson41.60aPontiac
13.12Chase Travis41.67aOlney (Richland County)
14.12Jabari McNeal41.73a PRCountry Club Hills (Hill…
15.12Chase Harmon42.45aTroy (Triad)
16.10Ameen Koya-Oyefuwa42.71aChicago (Northside)
17.10Harper Bryan43.02aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
18.12Ryan Ondracek43.13aNew Lenox (Providence Ca…
19.10Landan Creighton43.41aWoodstock (North)
20.10Keagan Uphoff44.40aStanford (Olympia)
21.10Preston Berg44.76aMorton
22.12Armando Lugo45.31aChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
23.11Calvin Lee47.09aChicago (St. Rita)
11Tyler RandallDQChicago (Westinghouse Co…
4×100 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.11Tyrice Bender
10Jayon Morrow
11Nahzir Hill
11Jyaire Hill
42.26aKankakee (Sr.)
2.11Tristan Darby
10Tashon Crockarell
10Cory Warren
9Louis Yohannes
42.44aTroy (Triad)
4.10Peter Baxton
11Malachi Wren
11Demarlynn Taylor
10Kenneth Bucanan
42.57aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
3.11Zenon Rule
12Skylar Giles
10Jeremiah Oliva
10Darrin Dussett
42.89aPeoria (Richwoods)
5.12Nikolas Norton
12EJ Nwagwu
9Jimmie Maxson III
12Kaleb Brown
42.91aChicago (St. Rita)
6.12Alec Zaccaria
12Dylan Stahl
12Gavin Sarvis
11Nolan Milas
43.03aBurlington (Central)
7.12Marcus Garrett
12Alec Sledge
11Anthony Lash
11Jacob Morrison
43.03aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
8.9Harley Rizzs
12Adrian Williams
12Dell-rio Johnson III
12DeShawn Parker
43.05aBurbank (St. Laurence)
9.12Sam Morse
12Alexander Byard
12Clay Schneider
11Reece Dusek
43.14aBartonville (Limestone)
10.11Teegan Davis
12Ethan Thompson
12Drew Harp
12Keegan Fogarty
11.11Chiren Petty
12Kemper Koslofski
12Matthias Adams
12Christian Keyhea
43.28aMt. Zion
12.11Chris Ruchaj
12Lucas Bass
12Sam Gagne
12Nathan Rebacz
43.30aMaple Park (Kaneland)
13.12Jacob Tackett
11Mick Wright
12Heath Smith
12Peyton Scott
14.12Kyle Huber
12William Stewart
12Alec Garcia
12Jeffrey Oestreicher
15.12Landon Jacoby
10Jack Martens
10Dan Kalinowski
12Tristan Rockwell
43.57aRichmond (R.-Burton)
16.12Cade Stevens
10Collin Jeffries
9Quentin Goforth
11Aneefy Ford
43.91aStreator (Twp.)
17.11Michael Baker
12Carson Schneid
11Owen Takahashi
10Chris Charter
43.91aLisle (Benet Academy)
18.12Ben Range
9Cameron Davis
12Tyler Wright
12Phillip Johnson
43.93aJacksonville (H.S.)
19.12Kvion Bills
12Kevon Williams
12Jabari McNeal
11Jaqorey Lawrence
44.06aCountry Club Hills (Hill…
20.10Kanoa Owens
12Shaun Kendrick
11Allen Middleton
12Cody Thiel
21.11Jonathan Goff
11Josh Ugorji
10George Asay
11Luke Hemmersmeier
44.37aLombard (Montini)
22.11Chris Carreno
12Devin Tumminello
12Jay Randecker
11Mark Duenas
44.50aWoodstock (North)
23.9Amari Greenwood
12Jaylen Madison
10Tae`Vion Harrington
12Kristian Nelson
44.61aChicago (South Shore Int…
24.11Matthew Russette
10Alex Stange
10Adam Roth
9Jahri McClendon
45.08aChicago (DePaul College …
25.10Morrison Giggetts
10Henry Nicewick
12Isaac Herrara
11Ethan Ashley-Ferguson
46.56aChicago (Payton)
11Kenny Rutherford
11Eli McFadden
12NeSha Robertson
12Jaylen Robinson
DNFPeoria (H.S.)
4×200 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.11Tyrice Bender
12Aarion Brown
11Nahzir Hill
11Jyaire Hill
1:28.79aKankakee (Sr.)
2.10Logan Clough
12Riley Chrostoski
9Kyrese Lukens
9Chris Nelson
1:29.44aHerrin (H.S.)
3.11Malachi Wren
10Peter Baxton
11Devion Montgomery
10Kenneth Buchanon
1:29.45aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
4.12Kyle Huber
12William Stewart
12Alec Garcia
12Jeffrey Oestreicher
5.12Jacob Tackett
11Mick Wright
12Heath Smith
12Peyton Scott
6.9Harley Rizzs
12DeShawn Parker
11Allan Potter
12Adrian Williams
1:29.64aBurbank (St. Laurence)
7.12Tristan Rockwell
10Sean Rockwell
11Joe Miller
12Jack Verdoni
1:29.70aRichmond (R.-Burton)
8.11Chiren Petty
12Kemper Koslofski
12Matthias Adams
12Christian Keyhea
1:29.73aMt. Zion
9.10Austin Alexander
11Michael VanHootegem
11Braydon Waller
12Miles Davis
1:29.90aChicago Heights (Marian)
10.11Tristan Darby
9Louis Yohannes
10Cory Warren
12Juliano Cigliana
1:29.99aTroy (Triad)
11.11Kenneth Davis Jr
12Nikolas Norton
12Kaleb Brown
9Jimmie Maxson III
1:30.52aChicago (St. Rita)
12.12Corey Phillips
11Chris Ruchaj
12Sam Gagne
12Nathan Rebacz
1:30.86aMaple Park (Kaneland)
13.11Owen Takahashi
12Kyle Moede
12Daniel Pepping
12Carson Schneid
1:30.91aLisle (Benet Academy)
14.11Bryson Thomas
12Koen Derry
11Cam Aguirre
10Amarie Richardson
1:31.54aGalesburg (H.S.)
15.11Dylan Bazzell
9Hudson Ault
12Cody Dohman
12Isaiah Adams
1:31.55aFairbury (Prairie Centra…
16.12Ryan Fisher
12Tahj McLaren
10Xavier Johnson
12Joseph Spaulding
1:31.78aChicago (King)
17.12Jerome Cranford
12Taijuan Johnson
11Ollie GIles Jr.
12Tramere Cornelious
1:31.93aPeoria (Manual)
18.11Chris Carreno
12Devin Tumminello
12Jay Randecker
11Mark Duenas
1:32.00aWoodstock (North)
19.12Marcus Garrett
11Jacari Virden
11Fischer Davis
11Anthony Lash
1:32.19aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
20.12Emanuel Estrada
12Alexander Treadwell
11Omar Figueroa
12Malichi Porter
1:33.73aChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
21.11Tyler Randall
12Camron Booker
10Leavell Windfield Jr
12Tracy Mathews Jr
1:34.60aChicago (Westinghouse Co…
22.10Adam Roth
9Dylan Gould
10Alex Stange
9Jahri McClendon
1:35.25aChicago (DePaul College …
4×400 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.12Landon Jacoby
11Joe Miller
10Sean Rockwell
12Jack Verdoni
3:22.96aRichmond (R.-Burton)
2.10Palmer Behrends
11Chris Ruchaj
12Jai Sekhon
12Sam Gagne
3:25.67aMaple Park (Kaneland)
3.11Tyrice Bender
12Aarion Brown
12Jalen Townsend
11Jyaire Hill
3:25.80aKankakee (Sr.)
4.12Clay Schneider
12Alexander Byard
12Wilson Georges
11Reece Dusek
3:26.05aBartonville (Limestone)
5.12Tayon Swift
12Gary Lawson
12Avontay Anderson
12Nathan Kelley
6.10Hayden Lees
11Sean Hudspath
12River Doss
12Bryson Wilson
7.11Nate Theiler
10Nick Walker
12Zeke Metcalfe
12Carter Grantham
8.12Kyle Huber
12William Stewart
12Alec Garcia
11Caden Emmert
9.12Lucas Doland
12Austin Kanyuh
12Alexander Madaras
12Rowan McDonnell
3:29.81aArlington Heights (St. V…
10.11Owen Takahashi
12Kyle Moede
12Carson Schneid
9Griffin Schneid
3:30.40aLisle (Benet Academy)
11.9Ronald Baker III
11Isaac Turk
9Cole Vuglar
11Garrett McNeilly
3:30.50aChampaign (Central)
12.9Noah Hunt
11Braden Revermann
10Mason Shubert
12Marcus Price
3:30.60aBreese (Central)
13.11Nolan Milas
12Alec Zaccaria
11Leighton Dietz
12Zac Schmidt
3:30.65aBurlington (Central)
14.12Michael Pittman
11Fischer Davis
10Trey Mygatt
11Jacari Virden
3:32.63aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
15.11Daniel Animashaun
12Marcus Jackson
11Kendall Thompson
11Bryce Sayles
3:33.81aChicago (Lindblom)
16.12Juliano Cigliana
12Ethan Dudley
10Cory Warren
9Louis Yohannes
3:33.92aTroy (Triad)
17.11William Montague
11Luke Grotthuss
11Sohan Manek
11Cristian Ferreyra
3:35.49aChicago (University)
18.12Jamaar Ross
11Demond Holt
10Aaron Medley
11Zebulon Turner
3:36.39aDolton (Thornridge)
19.11Armando Acosta
10Jacob Gay
11Matthew Gay
11James Stolfe
3:36.59aAurora (Central Catholic)
20.11Donovan Depakakibo
12Jacob Zoladz
11Sam Gambino
11Nicholas Boyer
3:39.46aNorridge (Ridgewood)
21.10Aiden Hu-Lowenthal
12Griffin Braunreiter
12Isaac Herrara
9Ryan Murray
3:39.59aChicago (Payton)
22.12Tracy Mathews Jr
10Nyrion Moss
12Kameron Jackson
10Leavell Windfield Jr
3:41.14aChicago (Westinghouse Co…
23.12Darius Herman
12Max Wilber
12Ryan Gustafson
12Spencer Loy
24.11Josh Ugorji
10Gabriel Bianco
12Deion Manley
12Tommy May
3:47.96aLombard (Montini)
4×800 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.12Mark Zhu
12Griffin Braunreiter
12Elias Wilkin
11Evan Rainville
8:05.07aChicago (Payton)
3.12Kyle Nofziger
9Blake Dillman
12Joseph Scheele
12Jonah Singer
8:06.19aMahomet (M.-Seymour)
2.12Drake Rutledge
9Jude Toft
12Ethan Bivin
12Garrett Slack
4.10Hayden Lees
12Logan Morgan
10Mekye Lomax
11Sean Hudspath
5.12Nicholas Kocher
12Luis Garcia
10Naif Al Harby
11Caden Emmert
6.10Justice Eldridge
10Lucas Naugle
10DJ Dutton
12Aslan Henderson
8:09.80aBethalto (Civic Memorial)
7.10Jordan Britt
11Thomas Holcomb
12John Cid
10Dale Johnson
8:13.36aSterling (H.S.)
8.12Lee O’Bryan
12Carl Lukas
10Dean O’Bryan
11Grayden Rill
8:13.77aOak Park (Fenwick)
9.12Joe Paschall
12Owen Mongoven
10John Kipp
12Mark Masaka
8:17.47aNiles (Northridge Prep)
10.12Sam LaJoye
10Ayden Ellsworth
12Lance Miller
10Ian Moll
11.11Julio Angrave
11Jack Lusakembi
11Kelenna Onyemere
12Park Mitchell
12.10Jack Chesser
10Owen Morgan
10Brenton Good
12Evan Morgan
13.10Max Cryer
12Johnny Rizzuto
9Josh Schaefers
11Wyatt Miller
14.11Owen Flom
9Nelson Mitchell
11William Beebe
12Ethan Castette
8:26.83aChicago (DePaul College …
15.11Leighton Dietz
10Joseph Kowall
10Adam Hinkleman
12Zac Schmidt
8:31.32aBurlington (Central)
16.11Maxwell Woodruff
11Kendall Thompson
9Benjamin Gaeta
12Malakhi Rogers
8:34.98aChicago (Lindblom)
17.11Nate Theiler
9Ryley Claudin
11Drew Mischler
12Andrew Foster
18.10Logan Demling
12Anthony Ragland
9Cooper Phillips
10Caden Clark
8:42.37aStanford (Olympia)
19.9Joseph Fiorenza
12Alex Valerio
10Nolan Coen
11Aidan Wedwick
8:43.25aRockford (Boylan Catholi…
20.10Tim Jochum
12Ethan Woods
10Lucas Newman
11Ryan Chung
8:47.28aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
21.12Grant Ross
12Sean Kingston
12Tommy Naughton
10Jonah Koplinski
8:50.33aLisle (Benet Academy)
22.11Ryan Tuley
12Noah Deabel
9Daniel Kasperan
12Bryan Johnson
8:53.58aChicago Heights (Marian)
23.11Connor Overacker
10Thomas Morgan
9Brayden Shepard
9Matthew Benoit
24.11Amon Gray
9Benjamin O’Donnell
10Ellis Domenick
11Cristian Ferreyra
9:01.31aChicago (University)
Shot Put – 12lb 2A – Prelims
1.11JehChys Brown17.59mCentralia
2.11David Russell17.16m PRChillicothe (Illinois Va…
3.10Caleb Smith16.72mSalem
4.12Max Bremer16.16m PRMetropolis (Massac Count…
5.12Drew Harp15.64m PRPrinceton
6.12Dre Jackson15.54mDixon (H.S.)
7.12Sam Bradbury15.37mMattoon
8.12Elijah Pflipsen15.20mMaple Park (Kaneland)
9.12Jordan Lopez15.10mCarbondale (H.S.)
10.12Aaron Carl14.85mGalesburg (H.S.)
11.12Kane Carter14.82mMarion
12.12Ryne Buttz14.76mMt. Zion
13.11Maurice Marvin14.69mMarion
14.10Payne Miller14.68mPrinceton
15.12Zach Sanford14.52mRochelle
16.12Korey Evans14.48mGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
17.11Chase Crawford14.27mCahokia (H.S.)
18.11Kaden Gregory14.09mPontiac
19.11Ethan Davis13.93mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
20.12JP Sullivan13.36mLake Villa (Lakes)
21.11Isiah Mosley13.02mEvergreen Park
22.12Lance Johnston12.92mHerscher
23.12Jackson McWhinney12.83mLombard (Montini)
24.12Jacob McConnell12.72mWoodstock (North)
25.12Anthony Amezola12.69mSterling (H.S.)
26.11Collin Dames12.26mCoal City
27.12Jeremy Mendyk11.83mChicago (St. Patrick)
28.12Antwon McAdams11.53mChicago (Phillips
29.11Kuba Tyszka11.05mNorridge (Ridgewood)
11Isaac WebbFOULClinton
12Samuel Mcclain jrFOULEast St. Louis (Sr.)
11Konnor ThompkinsDNSChicago (King)
Discus – 1.6kg 2A – Prelims
1.11David Russell50.68m PRChillicothe (Illinois Va…
2.11JehChys Brown50.14mCentralia
3.11Ashton Noble50.03mRoxana
4.11Robert Byron48.14mMahomet (M.-Seymour)
5.11Cole Johnson47.52m PRSalem
6.11Jacob Maxwell47.14m PRTolono (Unity)
7.10Kaden Salisbury46.78m PRGeneseo
8.10Andrew Bownes46.03mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
9.12Frank Driscoll45.95mBartonville (Limestone)
10.12Elijah Pflipsen45.64mMaple Park (Kaneland)
11.12Bryce Langkan44.94m PRAurora (Marmion Academy)
12.11Alex Stout44.71mCharleston
13.12Jacob McConnell44.17mWoodstock (North)
14.11Wyatt Pilson44.13mMt. Vernon (H.S.)
15.12Max Bremer43.83mMetropolis (Massac Count…
16.12Josh England43.09mMt. Zion
17.12Kane Carter42.72mMarion
18.11Travis Jones42.07mHerscher
19.12Korey Evans40.92mGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
20.11Aiden Dentice40.64mLisle (Benet Academy)
21.12Jackson McWhinney40.56mLombard (Montini)
22.12JP Sullivan39.77m PRLake Villa (Lakes)
23.11Alexander Juarez37.06mChicago (Payton)
24.11Isiah Mosley36.17m PREvergreen Park
25.10Caleb Smith35.18mSalem
26.11Jad Johnson-Gill29.42mChicago (Ogden Internati…
27.11Maurice McLaren29.04mChicago (Mt. Carmel)
12Ke’Andre DarbyDNSChicago (South Shore Int…
High Jump 2A – Prelims
1.9Drew Rogers1.88mParis
2.11Teegan Davis1.88mPrinceton
3.11Nicholas Deloach1.88mCahokia (H.S.)
5.10Jo’viano Howard1.88mCahokia (H.S.)
7.9Chris Nelson1.88mHerrin (H.S.)
8.11Dylan Bazzell1.88mFairbury (Prairie Centra…
9.10Nick Walker1.88m PRMetamora
4.12Jack Chvatal1.83mLisle (Benet Academy)
6.12Ben Morgan1.83mHerscher
10.12Jamarion Suggs1.83mSpringfield (Lanphier)
11.12Merveille Bile1.83mGalesburg (H.S.)
12.12Justin Akeman1.83mClinton
13.12Jack Novelle1.83mWoodstock
14.12DeShawn Parker1.83mBurbank (St. Laurence)
10Caleb TerrellNHChicago (De La Salle)
12Patrick CurryNHChicago (Prosser)
12Caden BelcherNHDunlap
10Curtis BownesNHEast St. Louis (Sr.)
11Zebulon TurnerNHDolton (Thornridge)
10Cameron WilliamsNHGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
12Nathan RebaczNHMaple Park (Kaneland)
12Jacob ZoladzNHNorridge (Ridgewood)
12Kristian NelsonNHChicago (South Shore Int…
12Max McGuireNHLake Villa (Lakes)
12Taijuan JohnsonNHPeoria (Manual)
Pole Vault 2A – Prelims
1.10Paul Migas4.10mLake Villa (Lakes)
2.10Cooper Schaad4.10mGeneseo
3.11Kyle Hensley4.10mMt. Zion
4.12Tanner Koontz4.10mMt. Vernon (H.S.)
5.12Colin Beers4.10mMarion
6.12Malakai Schaad4.10mGeneseo
8.10Ryan Anderson4.10mAurora (Marmion Academy)
9.11Drew Fehr4.10mFairbury (Prairie Centra…
11.12Tyler Hoeft4.10mAurora (Marmion Academy)
12.9Drake Howard4.10m PRTaylorville
7.11Evan Alexander3.95mRochester
10.12Xander Gruszeczka3.95mKewanee (H.S.)
13.12Zach Stout3.95mCharleston
14.10Grayson Burton3.80mBurlington (Central)
14.10Garrett Mohler3.80mMarion
14.12Ethan Stoker3.80mMaple Park (Kaneland)
14.10Bradyn McFarland3.80mNormal (University)
18.10Landan Creighton3.50mWoodstock (North)
12Dakota MinorNHMt. Vernon (H.S.)
11Jonah KeatingNHGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
11Donovan ClucasDNSElmwood Park
12Corvont WilliamsNHDolton (Thornridge)
12Shamod IslandNHDolton (Thornridge)
Long Jump 2A – Prelims
1.11Jacob Morrison6.95mMt. Vernon (H.S.)
2.12Sam Morse6.57mBartonville (Limestone)
3.12ANdrew Bailey6.56mDolton (Thornridge)
4.10Cameron Williams6.53m (0.0)PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
5.11Nicholas Deloach6.52mCahokia (H.S.)
6.11Teegan Davis6.49mPrinceton
7.12Bryson Wilson6.48mMarion
8.11Nahzir Hill6.45mKankakee (Sr.)
9.10Adrian Washington6.40mJoliet (Catholic Academy)
10.10Jo’viano Howard6.34mCahokia (H.S.)
11.12Tim Maidment6.34mWoodstock
12.11Jyaire Hill6.26mKankakee (Sr.)
13.10Jayden Jones6.24mMacomb
14.11Luke Hemmersmeier6.15m (0.0)Lombard (Montini)
15.12Juliano Cigliana6.15m (0.0)Troy (Triad)
16.12Wyatt Strader6.12m (0.0)Charleston
17.12Gavin Sarvis5.91mBurlington (Central)
18.12Thomas Hills5.86m (0.0)East St. Louis (Sr.)
19.10Devion Reynolds5.85m (0.0)Mundelein (Carmel)
20.12Gary Lawson5.80m (0.0)Rantoul
21.12Kristian Nelson5.72m (0.0)Chicago (South Shore Int…
22.12Micheal Gould5.57m (0.0)Chicago (Payton)
23.10HJ Grigsby5.49m (0.0)Joliet (Catholic Academy)
24.12Christopher McDonald5.19m (0.0)Chicago (South Shore Int…
12Clarence KeithDNSChicago (Payton)
Triple Jump 2A – Prelims
1.11Nicholas Deloach13.68m (0.0)Cahokia (H.S.)
2.12DeShawn Parker13.48m (0.0)Burbank (St. Laurence)
3.12Koen Derry13.42m (0.0)Galesburg (H.S.)
4.12Rand Mathews13.38m (0.0)Columbia
5.9Brayden Trimble13.04m PRMt. Zion
6.12Isaiah Adams12.96m (0.0)Fairbury (Prairie Centra…
7.12Andrew Erdman12.90mDunlap
8.12Kyle Patterson12.88mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
9.11Teegan Davis12.84m (0.0)Princeton
10.11Will Shannon12.76m (0.0)Oak Park (Fenwick)
11.11Lorenzo Johnson-Cutler12.67m (0.0)Cahokia (H.S.)
12.12Jacob Gusse12.60mDixon (H.S.)
13.12James Kaunas12.46m (0.0)Johnsburg
14.11Cole Marshall12.29mMahomet (M.-Seymour)
15.12Kodi Davis12.27m (0.0)Pontiac
16.12Micheal Gould12.25mChicago (Payton)
17.12Elijah Matthews12.15mEvergreen Park
18.12Thomas Hills11.99m (0.0)East St. Louis (Sr.)
19.11Jason Simmons11.94mCountry Club Hills (Hill…
20.12Camden Martin11.86m PRChicago (St. Rita)
21.12Jacob Zoladz11.53mNorridge (Ridgewood)
22.12Chinua Nnahiri10.65mChicago (Noble/Comer)
12Tristan RockwellDNSRichmond (R.-Burton)

 Mens Results

100 Meters 3A – Prelims
2.12Nathan Shapiro10.78a (1.7)Glenview (Glenbrook Sout…
3.12Tyler Colwell10.78a (2.2)Minooka
4.12Jonathan Mayhand10.81a (1.1)PROak Forest
5.12Reece Young10.83a (1.9)Wheaton (W. Warrenville …
6.12Jettason Rose10.84a (1.1)Quincy (Sr.)
7.12Jahari Scott10.85a (2.2)Lake Forest (H.S.)
8.12Connor Lee10.88a (1.7)Barrington
8.11Danny Eloe10.88a (2.2)Naperville (North)
10.11Jack Berman10.90a (1.1)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
11.12Unknown Mathis-Akinremi10.93a (1.9)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
12.12Dylan Gramley10.94a (1.1)Plainfield (North)
13.11Henry Kennedy10.95a (1.9)Carpentersville (Dundee-…
14.10Nico Bertolino10.96a (1.7)Belvidere (North)
15.12Isaac Rice11.00a (1.9)Chicago (St. Ignatius Co…
16.12Campbell Hughes11.03a (1.9)St. Charles (North)
17.11Josiah Alexander11.05a (1.9)PRHillside (Proviso West)
18.10Lucas Parr11.05a (1.7)PRChicago (Marist)
19.12Joshua Duncan11.05a (1.1)St. Charles (North)
20.11Josh Evans11.06a (2.2)St. Charles (East)
21.11Omarion Jones11.13a (1.1)Schaumburg
22.12Tradon Jones-Pugh11.14a (1.7)Zion (Z.-Benton)
23.12Charlie Nolan11.15a (1.7)Normal West
24.12Tristen Powers11.16a (1.1)Belvidere (North)
25.11Nathan Jacobs11.17a (2.2)Naperville (North)
26.11Cael Hiser11.40a (1.7)Minooka
27.9Armond Boulware11.43a (2.2)Chicago (Kenwood)
1.12Will Stewart10.57a (1.9)Palatine (Fremd)
12Jamon HarrisDNS (2.2)Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)
200 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Jettason Rose21.76a (2.3)PRQuincy (Sr.)
2.12Ryan Coleman21.98a (2.7)PRLansing (Thornton Fracti…
3.12Jonathan Mayhand22.05a (0.2)PROak Forest
4.12Tyler Colwell22.06a (2.1)Minooka
5.12Will Stewart22.11a (2.7)PRPalatine (Fremd)
6.12Sean Beihoffer22.16a (2.7)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
7.11Robert Scott III22.17a (2.1)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
8.12Scot Parker22.18a (2.3)Batavia
9.12Charlie Nolan22.19a (2.1)Normal West
10.12Konrad Sacha22.25a (2.1)South Elgin
11.12Elijah Reed22.29a (2.3)Downers Grove (South)
12.11Josh Evans22.36a (0.2)St. Charles (East)
13.12Ryan Kuczynski22.38a (2.3)Vernon Hills
14.11Henry Kennedy22.41a (0.2)Carpentersville (Dundee-…
15.11Nathan Jacobs22.43a (2.7)Naperville (North)
16.12Isaac Rice22.55a (2.1)Chicago (St. Ignatius Co…
17.12Noah Shapiro22.57a (2.7)Glenview (Glenbrook Sout…
18.10Nico Bertolino22.60a (2.1)Belvidere (North)
19.12Carson Amstutz22.63a (2.1)Deerfield
20.12Dylan Gramley22.66a (2.3)Plainfield (North)
21.12Jack Brewer22.70a (2.7)Winnetka (New Trier)
22.11Josh Pugh22.74a (2.1)Yorkville (H.S.)
23.11Brian Stanton22.76a (0.2)Plainfield (South)
24.11Dylan Parker22.76a (2.7)Skokie (Niles North)
25.12Mike Smith Jr22.89a (0.2)Rockford (Guilford)
26.12Gavin Butler22.93a (0.2)Oak Lawn (Community)
27.12Asean Johnson22.97a (0.2)Chicago (Hubbard)
28.10Ivan Rodriguez23.07a (2.3)Hoffman Estates (H.S.)
29.11Demastanis Nikopoulos23.44a (2.3)Chicago (Lane)
11Edward Clark IIIDQ (2.3)Crete (C.-Monee)
12Kemoni McCulloughDNS (0.2)Champaign (Centennial)
12Connor LeeDNS (2.3)Barrington
11Cael HiserDNS (2.7)Minooka
12Joshua DuncanDNS (0.2)St. Charles (North)
400 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Jonah Fallon49.13aBatavia
2.12Elijah Reed49.76aDowners Grove (South)
5.11Dominik Balenda49.84aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
3.11Josh Pugh49.97aYorkville (H.S.)
6.12Jacob Hohmann50.14aBatavia
7.11Ramontay Abram50.17aBelleville (West)
8.11Daniel Lacy50.23aChampaign (Centennial)
9.12Evan Gronewold50.77aHuntley
9.12Jamariel Brown50.77aRound Lake
11.12Maxwell Mitchell50.94aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
12.10Lukaas Nales50.95aHighland Park
13.12Evan Lowder50.97aNormal (Community)
4.12Vorn Ellis51.00aEvanston (Twp.)
14.11Zach Weitgenant51.06aGrayslake (North)
15.12Konrad Sacha51.17aSouth Elgin
16.10Jhamarea Jones51.37aCrete (C.-Monee)
17.11Austin Belle51.40aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
18.9Austin Rowswell51.47aNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way W…
19.12Jimmy Davis51.52aLincolnshire (Stevenson)
20.12Alex Simmons51.79aVilla Park (Willowbrook)
21.12Gabriel King51.92aPlainfield (South)
22.11Danny Olsen51.96aChicago (Marist)
23.10Foster Shelbert51.99aNaperville (Central)
24.11Nick Gestrich52.23aChicago (Lane)
25.12Marcos Jaimes52.84aSchaumburg
26.10Braeden Brown52.93aBelvidere (North)
27.12Brody Hanlon53.30aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
28.11Jack Rempfer53.44aLaGrange (Lyons)
400 Meters – Relay Split 3A – Prelims
11Sidney Morris49.75 PRChicago (Kenwood)
11Jahad Henderson50.32 PRChicago (Kenwood)
11Landan Gillespie51.69Chicago (Kenwood)
10Malachi Moreno53.32Chicago (Kenwood)
800 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Brett Wasick1:54.56aBolingbrook
3.12Ryan Schreiner1:55.01aWheaton (North)
4.12Brian Hiltebrand1:55.08a PRGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
5.12Evan Morris1:55.98a PRDeerfield
6.11Michael Polizzi1:56.52a PRChicago (Taft)
2.11Daniel Watcke1:56.77aHinsdale (Central)
7.11Caleb Levy1:56.87aGurnee (Warren)
8.12Emerson Fayman1:57.18a PRMinooka
9.11Landan Gillespie1:57.66aChicago (Kenwood)
10.11Theodore Cunningham1:58.10a PRPalatine (Fremd)
11.12Jaeger Norton1:58.40a PRMoline
12.12Maxwell Zeisler1:58.49aGurnee (Warren)
13.12Luke Reinhart1:59.27a PRNormal West
14.12Samson Dessalines1:59.97aChatham (Glenwood)
15.12Joseph Xotla2:02.01aSt. Charles (East)
16.12Seth Kunio2:02.61aAurora (West Aurora)
17.12Mitchell Dalby2:03.83aHampshire
18.11Eric Marquez2:04.29aBlue Island (Eisenhower)
19.12Denzel Lee2:04.75aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
20.12Philip Winkelman2:06.06aRockton (Hononegah)
21.12Lou Delano2:08.80aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
22.11Michael Ferrell2:12.82aLaGrange (Lyons)
1600 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Ryan Watts4:12.97aEdwardsville (H.S.)
4.12Declan Tunney4:13.73a PROrland Park (Sandburg)
2.12Roy Llewellyn4:13.89a PRDowners Grove (North)
5.12Luke Wiley4:14.02a PRGurnee (Warren)
6.11Owen Forberg4:14.28a PROak Lawn (Richards)
7.12Geordan Patrylak4:14.36a PREdwardsville (H.S.)
8.10Marcellus Mines4:14.74a PRJoliet (West)
9.12Balin Doud4:14.87a PROswego
10.12Ethan Summer4:15.30a PRElmhurst (York)
11.11Hunter Whitney4:16.41a PRChicago (Lane)
12.12Joey Furlong4:17.01a PRBarrington
13.11Riley Newport4:17.46aDeKalb
3.12Micah Wilson4:17.92aSt. Charles (East)
14.12Colby Revord4:19.05aHinsdale (Central)
15.11Luke Noren4:19.29aNaperville (Central)
16.11Zachary Balzer4:19.63aMinooka
17.10Camyn Viger4:19.90aPlainfield (South)
18.12Tim Neumann4:20.15aDowners Grove (South)
19.12Nicholas Falk4:20.34aWinnetka (New Trier)
20.12Jack Klein4:20.53a PRChicago (Lane)
21.12Angel Solis4:21.62aAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
22.10Liam Naughton4:24.28aArlington Heights (Herse…
23.11Ethan Reynoso4:24.84aPlainfield (South)
24.11Alexander Das4:25.33aOswego (East)
25.12Ali Faiz4:25.45aLibertyville
26.12Aidan Simon4:25.84aWilmette (Loyola Academy)
27.12George Cahill4:25.86aWinnetka (New Trier)
28.10Jeremiah Lanum4:27.85a PRBradley (B.-Bourbonnais)
29.12Bryan Vale4:28.24aGrayslake (Central)
30.11Parker Nold4:28.39aOswego (East)
31.10Brandon Lawson4:29.69aRockford (Guilford)
32.12Jake Phillips4:30.48aChicago (Marist)
33.12Michael Labno4:30.60aPalatine (Fremd)
34.12David Lara4:34.31aGurnee (Warren)
35.11Brady Nelson4:35.53aOswego
36.12Caden Mcnulty4:36.58aBelvidere (North)
37.10Trey Sato4:37.61aGrayslake (Central)
38.11Dane Ivancevic4:50.98aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
12Joey (Joseph) PuccilloDNSDowners Grove (South)
12Sean MarquardtDNSOrland Park (Sandburg)
110m Hurdles – 39″ 3A – Prelims
1.12Collin Forrest14.09a (1.7)PRMinooka
2.12Michael Campbell14.44a (1.1)PRRolling Meadows
4.12Sam Burns14.59a (1.1)Skokie (Niles West)
3.12Gabe Czako14.60a (1.5)Lockport (Twp.)
5.12Jalen Johnson14.74a (1.7)Aurora (Metea Valley)
6.11Saiheed Jah14.77a (1.5)Moline
7.12Ian Kelley14.78a (1.5)PROak Park (O.P.-River For…
8.12Chase Frainer15.00a (1.7)Pekin
9.12Benjamin Cooper15.02a (1.7)PRLake Zurich
10.12Bryce Tuchner15.05a (1.1)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
11.11Jonathan Tegel15.12a (1.1)Crystal Lake (Central)
12.12Jerry Hester III15.18a (1.5)PRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
13.12Reid Savage15.33a (1.7)Quincy (Sr.)
14.12Graham McAninch15.35a (1.7)Naperville (Central)
15.12Aidan Killmer15.36a (1.1)Roselle (Lake Park)
16.12Drew Kelley15.56a (1.1)Washington
17.12Sean Harris15.57a (1.7)Blue Island (Eisenhower)
18.10Kamil Kokot15.61a (1.5)Chicago (Marist)
19.12Emmanuel Nwatu15.74a (1.5)Chicago (Mather)
20.12Tae Atkinson15.87a (1.5)Normal (Community)
21.12Gavin Wang16.04a (1.7)Crystal Lake (Central)
22.11Jake Lansdowne16.45a (1.1)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
23.12Christon Jackson16.57a (1.7)Oak Lawn (Richards)
24.11Marcus Caselberry16.78a (1.1)Lincolnshire (Stevenson)
12Jamarion StubbsDNS (1.5)Elgin (Larkin)
300m Hurdles – 36″ 3A – Prelims
1.12Ian Kelley38.86aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
4.12Jamarion Stubbs38.96a SRElgin (Larkin)
5.11Saiheed Jah39.25aMoline
6.12Nathan Shapiro39.30aGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
2.12Gabe Czako39.40aLockport (Twp.)
3.12Michael Campbell39.46aRolling Meadows
7.12Collin Forrest39.81aMinooka
8.12Brian Holmes39.90a PRNaperville (North)
9.12Daylan Berger39.96aWheeling
10.11Ryan Schaefer40.18aGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
11.12Tae Atkinson40.96aNormal (Community)
12.11Jonathan Tegel41.43aCrystal Lake (Central)
13.11Angel Tirado41.49aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
14.12Charlie Hamann41.62aFox Lake (Grant)
15.12Navonte Arnold41.62aLansing (Thornton Fracti…
16.12Aidan Killmer41.87aRoselle (Lake Park)
17.12Benjamin Cooper42.05aLake Zurich
18.11Simon McClaine42.10aAlton (Sr.)
19.12Peter Weygandt42.74aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
20.12Glen McGowean43.17aVernon Hills
21.10William Smithing43.65aRiverside (R.-Brookfield)
22.10Kamil Kokot43.69aChicago (Marist)
12Jalen JohnsonDNSAurora (Metea Valley)
4×100 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.10Olusoga Adeyiga
11Robert Scott III
11John Gore
12Taji Mathis-Akinremi
42.03aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
2.12Scot Parker
12Jacob Hohmann
12Vincie Solano
11Andrew Gerke
5.12Aaron Ayobami
11Jaden Turner
11Cassius Callahan
11Jailen Duffie
42.47aGurnee (Warren)
3.10Carson Marlar
11Danny Eloe
12Matt Pasteris
11Nathan Jacobs
42.59aNaperville (North)
6.11Ben Freidinger
10Thomas Zambianchi
12Nathan Shapiro
12Noah Shapiro
42.65aGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
7.12Andre Cobb
11Austin Belle
11Jeremiah Johnson
12Patrick Conniff
42.77aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
8.11Neal May
12Mario Hererra
10Tyran Bender
12Nathan Domont
42.81aBradley (B.-Bourbonnais)
9.12Kenny Creamer
11Mackenzie O’Halloran
12Patrick O’Neil
12Elijah Reed
42.84aDowners Grove (South)
10.11Samuel Drey
12Elijah Martin
11Cael Hiser
12Adrian Manning
4.12Braylon Peacock
11Jordan Griggs
11Daniel Lacy
12Kemoni McCullough
42.95aChampaign (Centennial)
11.12George Safo
11Lynel Billups
11Joshua Franklin
11Edward Clark
43.00aCrete (C.-Monee)
12.10Da’jion Riley
12Brandon Bell
10Ethan Campbell
12Reece Young
43.04aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
13.11Ethan Tierney
12Toriano Tate
12Michael Robinson
12DeMarrea Davis
14.11Jahad Henderson
11Sidney Morris
10Calib Smith
10Dion Trotter
43.12aChicago (Kenwood)
15.10Samuel Elliott-Barnes
12Kyle Schmidt
9Clayton Lakatos
10Kellen Brnfre
43.17aEdwardsville (H.S.)
16.12Cole Rothers
11Omarion Jones
12Zach Heumann
10Alex Valencia
17.11Kieran Mehlig
10Nico Bertolino
10Joseph Brown
12Tristen Powers
43.28aBelvidere (North)
18.12Matt Lewis
11Quinn Callaghan
11Mateo Gonzalez
11Deshon Christian
43.30aPlainfield (East)
19.11Skyler Lee
11Miles Granjean
12Vorn Ellis
12Matt Cless
43.31aEvanston (Twp.)
20.10Deterrace Dotson
10Javius Catlin
12Jeremiah Crawford
12Marquez Gray
43.39aRockford (East)
21.12Kenan Gaston
12Carter Ratcliff
11Will Guerin
12Erik Radzevicius
43.46aDowners Grove (North)
22.11Jaylin Price
11Jonah Blankenship
12Chris Fields
11Damarion Elliston
43.58aCarol Stream (Glenbard N…
23.10Liam Moroney
11Elijah Mowatt
10Kevin McGovern
9Caleb Schulz
43.68aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
24.12Diego Farias
11Henry Kennedy
10Kali Freeman
12Alekzander Ledezma
43.69aCarpentersville (Dundee-…
25.10Lucas Parr
12Tyler O’Brochta
12Michael Coy
12Ak’Tavion Agee
43.82aChicago (Marist)
26.11Zach Goldman
11Marcus Caselberry
11Keegan Latulippe
12Jimmy Davis
44.17aLincolnshire (Stevenson)
27.11William Hayes
11Robert Frank
9Jack Wanzung
11Gerald Petrow
44.25aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
12Jordan Jones
12Konrad Sacha
12Jalen Jones
11Zach Meyer
DQSouth Elgin
4×200 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.12George Safo
11Joshua Franklin
11Lynel Billups
11Edward Clark
1:28.88aCrete (C.-Monee)
2.12Taji Mathis-Akinremi
12Jeffon Dudley
11Jeremiah Turner
11Robert Scott III
1:28.90aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
3.11Will Guerin
12Carter Ratcliff
11Jackson Irby
12Erik Radzevicius
1:29.41aDowners Grove (North)
4.10Carson Marlar
11Danny Eloe
12Matt Pasteris
11Nathan Jacobs
1:29.53aNaperville (North)
5.11Ethan Tierney
12Toriano Tate
12Michael Robinson
12DeMarrea Davis
6.12Devin Yeats
12Maddux Chanthaboury
11Tyler Fikis
12Jack Rummell
7.12Kamrin Martin
10Sean Kalu
11Jake Slavish
12Ryan Kuczynski
1:30.27aVernon Hills
8.12Nik Clark
10Zander Pauly
12Armaan Rehmani
12Dylan Gramley
1:30.28aPlainfield (North)
9.12Sean Beihoffer
11Jack Berman
12Matt Raitano
11Aidan Orlando
1:30.42aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
10.11Brendan Kelly
12Jack Maas
11Corey Alexander
10Jaden Michel
1:30.61aTinley Park (Andrew)
11.12Andre Cobb
10Miles Miskel
11Jeremiah Johnson
12Patrick Conniff
1:30.68aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
12.12James Bentley
12Leo Scheidler
11Brume Ogufere
12Jahari Scott
1:30.79aLake Forest (H.S.)
13.10Kellen Brnfre
12Kyle Schmidt
9Clayton Lakatos
11Jordan Bush
1:30.81aEdwardsville (H.S.)
14.11Sidney Morris
10Dion Trotter
11Stephon Wilson
11Jahad Henderson
1:30.86aChicago (Kenwood)
15.12Cole Rothers
11Omarion Jones
12Zach Heumann
10Alex Valencia
16.11Milton Dowell
11Montrai Lockwood
12Mar’Tavion Collins
11Will Nicholson
1:31.51aBelleville (West)
17.10Luke Mailander
11Kelly Watson
11Joey Valeski
11Leo Glennon
1:31.71aElmhurst (York)
18.10Lucas Parr
12Tyler O’Brochta
12Michael Coy
12Ak’Tavion Agee
1:31.80aChicago (Marist)
19.11Alexander Ditsch
11Gerald Petrow
9Jack Wanzung
12Isaac Rice
1:32.01aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
20.10Javius Catlin
10Trenton Lewis
12Jeremiah Crawford
12Marquez Gray
1:32.46aRockford (East)
10Liam Moroney
11Elijah Mowatt
10Kevin McGovern
9Caleb Schulz
DQOak Park (O.P.-River For…
12Scot Parker
12Vincie Solano
11Andrew Gerke
12Jalen Buckley
12Aaron Ayobami
11Jaden Turner
11Cassius Callahan
11Jailen Duffie
DNFGurnee (Warren)
4×400 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.11Grant Miller
10Aden Bandukwala
11Mehlum Anjarwala
11Daniel Watcke
3:23.78aHinsdale (Central)
2.12Chris Comer
12Graham McAninch
10Bode Smith
10Foster Shelbert
3:24.37aNaperville (Central)
3.12Vincie Solano
12Jacob Hohmann
11Quintin Lowe
12Jonah Fallon
4.11Neal May
10Tyran Bender
12Mario Hererra
11Josiah Jones
3:24.42aBradley (B.-Bourbonnais)
5.11Jordan Griggs
12Alex Geissler
11Daniel Lacy
12Kemoni McCullough
3:24.71aChampaign (Centennial)
6.11Miles Granjean
12Matt Cless
11Skyler Lee
12Vorn Ellis
3:24.82aEvanston (Twp.)
7.11Ryan Schaefer
11Mateus Alkhas
12Michael Jerva
12Brian Hiltebrand
3:24.85aGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
8.12Aaron Ayobami
12Maxwell Zeisler
11Joell Belonga
11Caleb Levy
3:25.10aGurnee (Warren)
9.11Landan Gillespie
11Sidney Morris
10Malachi Moreno
11Jahad Henderson
3:25.38aChicago (Kenwood)
10.9Nolan Lamoureux
9Erick Ramirez
12Ethan Gallagher
12Gabe Czako
3:25.47aLockport (Twp.)
11.10Carson Marlar
12Brian Holmes
10Muneeb Shah
12Matt Pasteris
3:25.84aNaperville (North)
12.11Owen O’Shea
10Stephen Sarfo
11Zach Anderson
12Gabriel King
3:25.95aPlainfield (South)
13.11Jacob Bates
12Mar’Tavion Collins
12Tim Carter
11Ramontay Abram
3:26.48aBelleville (West)
14.12Michael Robinson
12Alex Boyden
11Riley Newport
12DeMarrea Davis
15.12Armaan Rehmani
12Josh Bedford
12Nick Simpson
10Zander Pauly
3:27.67aPlainfield (North)
16.11Will Guerin
10Vince Davero
11Jackson Irby
12Erik Radzevicius
3:28.52aDowners Grove (North)
17.11Kyle Komro
11Davis Brumbach
11Hudson Romaine
12Ryan Schreiner
3:28.94aWheaton (North)
18.12Anthony Vassolo
12Jack Maas
12Jack Zakowski
11Michael Barberi
3:29.42aTinley Park (Andrew)
19.12Nic Fardella
12Matt Raitano
12Bryce Tuchner
11Dominik Balenda
3:29.60aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
20.11Joey Valeski
11Aidan Hill
12Emmet Doyle
11Leo Glennon
3:30.09aElmhurst (York)
21.11Tyler Fikis
11Owen Cuplin
11Bryce Bannerman
12Mitchell Dalby
22.11Owen Davies
11Xavier Camper
12Armen Jerikian
11Zach Weitgenant
3:30.45aGrayslake (North)
23.10Trenton Lewis
12Leo Beuno
12Miles Lang
10Javius Catlin
3:31.92aRockford (East)
24.11Alexander Ditsch
12Brody Hanlon
11Robert Frank
11Angel Tirado
3:32.47aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
25.10Santiago Valle
12Leo Rooney
12Wes Morrison
12Derrick Reed
3:32.73aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
26.11Finn Murray
11Adam Kwak
11Matthew McGovern
11Jack Rempfer
3:33.29aLaGrange (Lyons)
27.12Malik Armstrong
12Emerson Fayman
11Samuel Drey
12Adrian Manning
4×800 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.12Joey (Joseph) Puccillo
12Nicholas Motuelle
11Shane Hosty
12Tim Neumann
7:51.60aDowners Grove (South)
4.11Samuel Barnard
10Foster Shelbert
12Samir Hussain
11Luke Noren
7:52.24aNaperville (Central)
2.12Sean Marquardt
10Grant Giblin
11Trent Anderson
12Brock Rice
7:53.79aOrland Park (Sandburg)
5.10Ryan Eddington
10Zach Bender
10Caden Weber
12Roy Llewellyn
7:55.08aDowners Grove (North)
3.11Kyle Doorhy
11Michael Skora
12Colby Revord
10Aden Bandukwala
7:59.81aHinsdale (Central)
6.12Emmett Kennedy
11William Archer
12Jack Klein
11Hunter Whitney
8:00.78aChicago (Lane)
7.11Aidan Hill
12Jackson Geiger
12Emmet Doyle
12Garrett Schwan
8:01.28aElmhurst (York)
8.12Connor Oiler
12Sean Safford
10Cameron Donner
10Liam Naughton
8:01.68aArlington Heights (Herse…
9.12Andrew Kerlin
12Jake Phillips
12Brendan Geary
11Danny Olsen
8:02.81aChicago (Marist)
10.11Drew Verenski
12Myles Brant
12Samson Dessalines
11Eli Morsch
8:03.20aChatham (Glenwood)
11.12Riley Beasley
11Mason Krieg
11Andrew Jordan
11Jack Casaccio
8:03.88aPalatine (H.S.)
12.12Braden Cardamone
11Brady Nelson
12Ethan Forsell
12Balin Doud
13.12Alex Boyden
9Jacob Barraza
11Riley Newport
11Jack Harrison
14.10Eli Greenstreet
9Zach Thoman
9Robert Wocking
12Peyton Mueller
8:05.46aO’Fallon (H.S.)
15.11Thomas Fitzpatrick
12Brody Hanlon
12Nick Kiley
12Zach Kiley
8:05.52aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
16.11Luka Kuzmanovic
12T.J. Garland
12Sean Kura
11Andrew Katsogianos
8:05.90aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
17.11Michael Ferrell
10Nicholas Strayer
12Hayden Constas
12Charlie McLawhorn
8:06.05aLaGrange (Lyons)
18.12Denzel Lee
10Habtamu Epley
10Damarion Best
11Dane Ivancevic
8:06.52aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
19.12Ryan Leonard
11Owen Augustine
10Michael Michelotti
12Lou Delano
8:09.84aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
20.11Alexander Das
11Parker Nold
10Dhairya Trivedi
11Noel Velasquez
8:10.63aOswego (East)
21.12Andrew Dauksas
12Michael Miller
12Jack Hatlestad
11Owen Reifel
8:15.27aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Wes…
22.11Owen Cuplin
12Jason Schmidt
12Aidan Gonzalez
12Mitchell Dalby
23.12Chris Miserendino
11Gavin Ebenezer
12Aidan Oster
10Austin McInturff
8:17.67aAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
24.12Cole Kics
10Caleb Kies
12Alex Forster
10Liam Anderson
25.12Josh Bedford
12Cooper Shelton
12Nick Simpson
11Ryan Tracey
8:22.15aPlainfield (North)
26.11Mario Torres
10Carson Gerhart
10Anthony Bernardo
9Richie Loeza
8:22.37aBuffalo Grove
27.9Isaac Pepin
12Zachary Osmanski
11Adam Lakeman
10Matt Andreano
8:23.88aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
28.12Liam Hoeferlin
12Ryan Luitjohan
11Sam Wittek
11Scott Baxter
8:25.13aEdwardsville (H.S.)
29.12Ryle Traub
11Bryce Thomas
12Zayne Luteyn
12Joey Santoro
8:29.07aSt. Charles (North)
30.10Jeremiah Lanum
10Ebenezer Gideon
11Anthony Embry
11Josiah Jones
8:43.23aBradley (B.-Bourbonnais)
Shot Put – 12lb 3A – Prelims
1.12Kyle Clabough18.03mYorkville (H.S.)
2.11Alex Sohn17.87mNormal (Community)
3.11Javaris Ambrose17.64m PRHarvey (Thornton)
4.12Zachary Marsico17.25mWheaton (W. Warrenville …
5.12Cooper Cerese17.11mRoselle (Lake Park)
6.12Paolo Gennarelli17.03mSt. Charles (North)
7.12Zachary Petko16.90mCary (C.-Grove)
8.12Isaiah Isom16.64mLansing (Thornton Fracti…
9.12Coli Wojtkiewicz16.62mPlainfield (North)
10.12Jhermari Mabry16.48mPalatine (H.S.)
11.10Will Nolan16.36mArlington Heights (Herse…
12.12Jack Weltha16.33m PRBloomington (H.S.)
13.12Jose Mejia16.20mBarrington
14.12Sam Mika16.12mAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
15.12Roy Williams16.07mPalos Heights (Shepard)
16.11Caleb Varney16.03mWheaton (North)
17.10Kaden Garland15.97mOak Park (O.P.-River For…
17.11Jacob Klink15.97mRockton (Hononegah)
19.12Hayden Swim15.95mHuntley
20.12Clayton Kamp15.88mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
21.12Jose Barragan15.82mAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
22.12Kieran Maude15.79mPalatine (H.S.)
23.11Tyler Michelini15.64mRoselle (Lake Park)
24.11Unknown Harrington-McKin15.63mMachesney Park (Harlem)
25.12David Mun15.15mVernon Hills
26.12Riley Lundgren15.06mMachesney Park (Harlem)
27.12Cole Silzer14.86mLockport (Twp.)
28.12Tim Russell14.73mEvanston (Twp.)
29.11Alfredo Pantoja14.70mHillside (Proviso West)
30.11Nick Thome14.63mNiles (Notre Dame)
31.12Nathan Lee14.50mVernon Hills
32.12Jonathan Young14.30mTinley Park (Andrew)
33.12Kyle Barron13.89mLaGrange (Lyons)
34.12Mustafa Washington13.68mOak Lawn (Richards)
35.11Derion Lee12.65mZion (Z.-Benton)
Discus – 1.6kg 3A – Prelims
1.12Jonathan Young55.47m PRTinley Park (Andrew)
2.10Maverick Ohle54.32mNaperville (Central)
3.12Paolo Gennarelli53.80m PRSt. Charles (North)
4.10Kaden Garland51.58m PROak Park (O.P.-River For…
5.12Lucah Jones50.86mRoselle (Lake Park)
6.12David Mun49.87mVernon Hills
7.12Sam Mika48.81mAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
8.12Jhermari Mabry47.99mPalatine (H.S.)
9.12Riley Lundgren47.40mMachesney Park (Harlem)
10.12Zachary Marsico47.15mWheaton (W. Warrenville …
11.12Jeremiah Hatchett46.78mAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
12.12Eamon Kane46.41mWheaton (North)
13.12Kyle Clabough46.13mYorkville (H.S.)
14.12Zachary Petko45.90mCary (C.-Grove)
15.12Micah Giesen45.66mAurora (West Aurora)
15.9Iose Epenesa45.66mEdwardsville (H.S.)
17.12Isaiah Isom45.65mLansing (Thornton Fracti…
18.12LaMarrio Rodgers45.55mQuincy (Sr.)
19.12Spencer Prats44.07mBatavia
20.10Will Nolan43.66mArlington Heights (Herse…
21.12Tyler Frankowiak43.56mNormal (Community)
22.12Isaias Lopez42.39m PRLaGrange (Lyons)
23.10Ethan Aghakhan40.17mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
24.10Karrel Harvest39.93mLansing (Thornton Fracti…
25.11Alfredo Pantoja37.52mHillside (Proviso West)
26.12Max Makowski36.92mWilmette (Loyola Academy)
27.12Jake Paulline36.31mAurora (Metea Valley)
28.12Michael MacCormac32.74mLake Zurich
12Henry BoyerFOULChicago (Brother Rice)
12Ethan RobertFOULNaperville (North)
11Alex SohnFOULNormal (Community)
High Jump 3A – Prelims
1.12Rob Pulliam1.86mMoline
2.10Kosta Zografos1.86mWauconda
3.11Robert Wagner1.86mOak Lawn (Community)
4.12D’shawn Dorsey1.86mSouth Holland (Thornwood)
5.12Charlie Nolan1.86mNormal West
6.12Matt Cless1.86mEvanston (Twp.)
7.11McHale Hood1.86mHuntley
8.10Khal Thorps-watt1.86mCollinsville
9.12Mark Hellwig Jr.1.86mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
10.11Julius Washington1.86mChicago (Kenwood)
11.11Chris Taylor1.86mNormal (Community)
12.12Jonovan Findley1.86mNormal West
13.12Mason Delaney1.86mPlainfield (North)
14.12Peter Weygandt1.86mFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
15.12Tyrese Buffkin1.86mLombard (Glenbard East)
16.12Anthony Harris1.86mSkokie (Niles North)
17.11Marcus Kennedy1.86mChicago (Brother Rice)
18.12Joel Anyan1.86mRomeoville (H.S.)
19.10Michael Prieto1.86mHinsdale (Central)
20.10Hayden Stone1.86mMcHenry
21.12Dasharr Scott1.83mHoffman Estates (H.S.)
21.12Sterling Shumpert1.83mFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
21.12Patrick Diakite1.83mOak Park (O.P.-River For…
21.12Xavier London1.83mAurora (Metea Valley)
21.12Jalen Jones1.83mSouth Elgin
26.11Alec Crum1.80mBatavia
12Mark WilliamsNHChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
12Ian HeilersNHSt. Charles (East)
Pole Vault 3A – Prelims
1.12Charles Cruse4.35mNormal (Community)
2.12Nicholas Fortino4.35mBatavia
3.12Christian Sobecki4.35mOswego
4.12Tim Gale4.35mSchaumburg
5.12Arnie Grunert4.35mFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
6.10Nick Pennington4.35m PRNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
7.12Braden White4.25mSpringfield
8.12Logan Turney4.25m PRSt. Charles (North)
9.11Kyle Eppenstein4.25m PRPlainfield (South)
10.11Esad Sengun4.25mSchaumburg
11.12Ryan Eck4.25m PRNaperville (Central)
12.11Tyler Petersen4.25mBloomington (H.S.)
13.12Chris Fleschut4.25mNaperville (Central)
14.11Gabriel Benkers4.10mBatavia
14.11Matthew Thomas4.10mDanville (H.S.)
14.12Josh Mottet4.10mEast Moline (United)
14.12Joshua Perry4.10mSt. Charles (East)
14.12Kyle Varga4.10mRoselle (Lake Park)
14.10Heath Hawkins4.10mPekin
14.11Joshua Meister4.10m PROak Park (O.P.-River For…
14.12Jake Ryan4.10mNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way W…
22.10Zachary Galvicius3.95mMcHenry
22.12Jack Sauder3.95mHinsdale (Central)
24.11Owen Guagliardo3.80mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
24.11Joe Heilmann3.80m PRChicago (Brother Rice)
26.11Deon Jones3.65mHillside (Proviso West)
27.12Elie Nassif3.50mGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
27.10Sean Mullen3.50mGrayslake (Central)
11Andrew UndesserNHMinooka
12Jaydon TaboadaDNSLake Zurich
11Sam SchrollNHCrystal Lake (Central)
11Gabriel TorresNHBerwyn-Cicero (Morton)
12Charles AlgeraNHSt. Charles (North)
Long Jump 3A – Prelims
1.12Toriano Tate7.04mDeKalb
2.12Alonso Perkins6.80mLombard (Glenbard East)
3.12Nathan Shapiro6.77mGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
4.12Caleb Wright6.74m (0.0)Oswego
5.12Jacob Bostick6.73mPalatine (H.S.)
6.12Elijah McCauley6.66m (0.0)Belleville (East)
7.12Jahari Scott6.64m (0.0)Lake Forest (H.S.)
8.12Desmond Horton6.59mRoselle (Lake Park)
9.10Dedrick Richardson6.59m (0.0)Frankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
10.11Ryan Schaefer6.57m (0.0)Glenview (Glenbrook Sout…
11.12Kemoni McCullough6.46mChampaign (Centennial)
12.11Jaden Turner6.45mGurnee (Warren)
13.12Sterling Shumpert6.44m (0.0)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
14.11James Ammenhauser6.39mNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
15.10Javius Catlin6.27m (0.0)Rockford (East)
16.12Matt Pasteris6.27m (0.0)Naperville (North)
17.12Owen Haas6.23m (0.0)Wheaton (W. Warrenville …
18.11Lance Somerfield6.17mOrland Park (Sandburg)
19.11Brody Squires6.12mAurora (Waubonsie Valley)
19.11Joshua Franklin6.12m (0.0)Crete (C.-Monee)
21.12Isaac Rice6.10mChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
22.12Aarion Jackson6.07mEdwardsville (H.S.)
23.10Jalen Falcon6.04m (0.0)Lockport (Twp.)
24.12Nzube Nwafo6.04mOak Park (O.P.-River For…
25.12Tristen Powers5.95mBelvidere (North)
26.11Robert Wagner5.58mOak Lawn (Community)
27.12Rob Pulliam5.43mMoline
12Malik ArmstrongNDMinooka
11Kendall HoustonFOULChicago (Kenwood)
12Jake MackowiakNDNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way C…
Triple Jump 3A – Prelims
1.12Jalen Buckley14.23mBatavia
2.12Desmond Horton13.91mRoselle (Lake Park)
3.12Caleb Wright13.85mOswego
4.12Charlie Nolan13.82mNormal West
5.10Vince Davero13.65mDowners Grove (North)
6.12Jordan Brooks13.56mEdwardsville (H.S.)
7.10Malik Allen13.23mEdwardsville (H.S.)
8.12Akim Baba Traore13.12m (0.0)East Moline (United)
9.12Abraham Ailemen13.10m (0.0)Chicago (Lane)
10.11Joshua Franklin13.05m (0.0)Crete (C.-Monee)
11.12Sam Bowerman12.97mDowners Grove (North)
12.10Chauncey Jackson12.88m (0.0)Rockford (Jefferson)
13.10Jaheim Vincent12.83m (0.0)Elgin (Larkin)
14.12Devon Neal12.74mWheaton (North)
15.11DeAndre Neely12.71m (0.0)Grayslake (North)
16.11Kaiden Miller12.62m (0.0)Grayslake (Central)
17.12Clinton Ofosu12.56mWilmette (Loyola Academy)
18.12Henry White12.49m (0.0)Chicago Heights (Bloom T…
19.11Nathan VanWitzenburg12.33m (0.0)Crystal Lake (South)
20.11Jake Franzen12.25m (0.0)Oak Lawn (Community)
21.11Samuel Opawuyi12.22m (0.0)Chicago (St. Ignatius Co…
22.11Will DiSessa11.38m (0.0)LaGrange (Lyons)
12Jalen JamesFOULEvanston (Twp.)
12Georgios SiomosFOULRolling Meadows