St. Thomas More looking for six straight

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CHAMPAIGN — Pressure?  What pressure?  The St. Thomas More girls’ soccer team knows all about expectations and the pressure that comes with it.  Winning five straight regional titles will do that.

“A big thing we’ve been talking about is we’ve kind of had that pressure of five straight Regional titles but we don’t want it to be something that gets us too cocky,” Sabers senior Eliza Kramer said.  “We like to stay humble and rise to that calling but not out of a place of pride but just wanting to get back to where we have been and taking it even further than we have in previous years.”

Winning is all STM head coach James Johnson knows, winning at least a regional championship every year with the Sabers.

“We talk a lot about staying humble but hungry,” Johnson said.  “This team is a new team.  We have a lot of respect for Uni (High), they have a good program and a good coach over there.  We’ve just got to focus on one game at a time and I think if we do that we have a pretty good chance.”

St. Thomas More hosts University High Tuesday in the Class 1A STM regional at 4:30 p.m.


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