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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Fresh off their second state title in two years, the Schlarman Hilltoppers visted the WCIA studio to chat with Craig Choate.

“Schlarman joining us in studio. First of all, congratulations guys, repeat, that’s awesome. We’re going to start with head coach Keith Peoples. Coach, you guys were here last year, how much easier did it make your job as a coach that these girls had been there before?”

“It wasn’t easier, at all. It’s always a challenge but it’s been an enjoyable challenge. The girls have worked extremely hard, a lot of sacrafice, a lot of hard work, a lot of loyalty on this stage right now and couldn’t be more proud of them for winning a championship, another.”

“Alright, moving on to Sydney Gouard now. Sydney, how is this team different than last years team?”

“We just trust each other a lot more. We have the same principles but we worked at them a lot harder. Harder teams this year. Way more aggressive.”

That was kind of my next question. You guys played a better schedule, non-conference this year. How did that help you guys?

“It definitely pushed us a lot more. We had to be able to trust each other a lot. Just being able to make that extra pass knowing that it’s not going to be there in the harder games so just being able to push that ball and be aggressive.”

“Anaya, you’ve finished your high school career now, kind of. You’re a McDonald’s All-American, so for you what happens from here until then?”

“I’ll be in the gym tomorrow, most definitely. I just texted my trainer on the way up here and he said we’ll be starting Thursday. So I told him I’m ready to get back and get better because I need to.”

“Thanks for coming in. It’s been a pleasure covering you guys for the past couple years. So much fun to watch. Congratulations.”

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