CHARLESTON (WCIA) — After only placing fifth in the 400 meter dash last year, Centennial’s Daniel Lacy came back from injury and is now a three-time state champion.

“I did what I could even if I didn’t win, I still would’ve been grateful that I’m even here,” Lacy said. “I haven’t been so successful in the past, but now a whole year of track and this is what happens so I’m grateful.”

Lacy also won the 100 and 200 meter dash, which helped the Chargers to third place as a team in 3A.

Also placing as a team, Salt Fork, who took the top spot in 1A. Led by senior Nathan Kirby, who came in first place in the 110 meter hurdles, a race he’s only run 3 times this year.

“Amazing. I’ve never done it before,” Kirby said. “I hit like the first 3 hurdles. I thought I was screwed and going to fall, I was able to keep my balance. This is only my third race of the whole year and I was able to PR and win so it feels amazing.”

The Storm also take home the gold in the field events as senior Garrett Taylor finishes his high school career a state champion in both shot put and discus.

“It definitely feels good. I was in a really good spot coming in,” Taylor said. “I knew that I had the top throw so I was just trying to better it. I didn’t end up doing that, but I was just really happy to have it all happen.”

After getting disqualified in the 400 meter dash during prelims yesterday and a false start in the 4×100 that ended in a disqualification, Urbana’s Jackson Gilbert finally got a gold medal coming in first in the 200 meter dash and second in the 4×400 meter relay.

“We come here and we did what we needed to do. Sure some things don’t go your way, but that’s just sport,” Gilbert said. “That’s not even sport, that’s life, some things don’t always go your way, you just pick the best moments of it. I picked the best moment, I won the 200 and tried my hardest in the 4×400.”


100 Meters 1A – Finals
1.12Peyton Locke10.86a (0.4)Taylor Ridge (Rockridge)
2.11Supreme Muhammad11.03a (0.4)Winnebago
3.12Charles Shaw11.05a (0.4)East St. Louis (SIUE Cha…
4.12Daryl Okeke11.05a (0.4)Champaign (Judah Christi…
5.9Brady Anderson11.07a (0.4)Morrison
6.11Parker Wolf11.19a (0.4)Newton
7.11Braydon Campbell11.24a (0.4)Colfax (Ridgeview)
8.12Dionta McDaniels11.27a (0.4)Chicago (Harlan)
9.11Ryan Williams12.55a (0.4)Chicago (C. Hope Academy)
200 Meters 1A – Finals
1.11Supreme Muhammad21.60a (-0.4)PRWinnebago
2.12Peyton Locke21.76a (-0.4)PRTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
3.12Daryl Okeke21.91a (-0.4)Champaign (Judah Christi…
4.11Parker Wolf22.20a (-0.4)PRNewton
5.12Charles Shaw22.24a (-0.4)East St. Louis (SIUE Cha…
6.11Reece Curtis22.39a (-0.4)St. Anne
7.12Adam Pepper22.55a (-0.4)Peoria (P. Christian)
8.11DeByron Boyd22.78a (-0.4)Madison
9.12Carter Wasson22.80a (-0.4)Steeleville
400 Meters 1A – Finals
1.11Reece Curtis49.28aPRSt. Anne
2.11Parker Wolf49.88aPRNewton
3.12Mateo Young49.99aPRChicago (C. Hope Academy)
4.12Bjorn Carlson50.01aSRRockford (R. Christian)
5.12Jacob Huber50.26aPRGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
6.12Owen Mahaffey50.45aPRNewton
7.11Mason Evens50.55aCasey (C.-Westfield)
8.12Murphy McCool50.95aBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
9.11Da’Marion Johnson51.73aDuQuoin (H.S.)
800 Meters 1A – Finals
1.12Julian Aske1:53.53aPREvanston (Beacon Academy)
2.11Noah Britton1:54.87aPRRock Island (Alleman)
3.11Josiah Hortin1:54.89aPRTuscola
4.11Isaiah Hill1:55.38aElmwood
5.12Ryan Hendrickson1:56.51aChampaign (St. Thomas Mo…
6.12Daniel Winkelman1:56.63aElgin (Harvest Christian…
7.12Tyler Bickerman1:57.85aRushville (R.-Industry)
8.12Elijah House1:57.85aManlius (Bureau Valley)
9.12Aidan Sosnowski1:57.92aRockford (R. Christian)
10.12David Peterson1:58.52aPRElgin (Harvest Christian…
11.11Sam Springer1:59.64aDelavan
12.12Charlie Bardwell2:03.44aEureka
1600 Meters 1A – Finals
1.12Tommy Murray4:19.24aPort Byron (Riverdale)
2.11Isaiah Hill4:19.93aPRElmwood
3.12Akili Parekh4:21.06aChicago (Latin)
4.12Bryson Grant4:22.68aPRGilman (Iroquois West)
5.11Carson Maroon4:25.28aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
6.11Josiah Hortin4:25.80aTuscola
7.12Daniel Winkelman4:26.04aElgin (Harvest Christian…
8.11Jackson Barrett4:26.14aTuscola
9.12David Peterson4:27.91aElgin (Harvest Christian…
10.12Landis Musser4:28.85aPort Byron (Riverdale)
11.11Noah Luke4:40.69aPalos Heights (Chicago C…
12.11Camden Quarton4:49.99aLitchfield
3200 Meters 1A – Finals
1.12Tommy Murray9:14.77aPort Byron (Riverdale)
2.12Akili Parekh9:22.32aChicago (Latin)
3.11Jackson Barrett9:24.18aTuscola
4.11Weston Forward9:25.70aPRRockford (R. Christian)
5.12Logan Beckmier9:28.49aArthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
6.11Camden Quarton9:42.23aPRLitchfield
7.11Carson Maroon9:42.54aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
8.11Will Foltz9:43.30aTuscola
9.11Dean Witzig9:50.82aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
10.11Noah Luke9:51.39aPRPalos Heights (Chicago C…
11.12Griffen Elder9:52.71aPREffingham (St. Anthony)
12.12Derek Coulter9:54.52aPRAledo (Mercer County)
13.11Andrew Perry9:59.64aEureka
14.12Peyton Sand10:05.26aPort Byron (Riverdale)
15.10Nicolai Martino10:05.30aWinnebago
16.10Daniel Goodman10:05.46aChicago (Latin)
17.9Landin Stillwell10:06.99aPRSomonauk
18.11Isaac Crumrine10:08.18aRiverton
19.11Dylan Howell10:08.86aCerro Gordo
20.11Haven Gronewold10:09.06aPetersburg (PORTA)
21.9Grant Jennette10:09.14aPRFairfield
22.11Austin Wesley10:09.27aRobinson
23.11Owen Keyt10:16.42aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
24.10Drew McTaggart10:20.10aWatseka
25.10Evan Cook10:20.26aDecatur (St. Teresa)
26.10Karson Shrum10:22.38aKewanee (Wethersfield)
27.9Landen Boman10:23.51aPinckneyville
28.9Max Weber10:23.61aEdwardsville (Metro-East…
29.11Eason Comer10:28.07aPRGolconda (Pope County)
30.11Henry Masters10:35.43aDowns (Tri-Valley)
31.11Holden Jones10:36.22aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
32.11JJ Gonnam10:43.89aElgin (Harvest Christian…
110m Hurdles 1A – Finals
1.12Nathan Kirby14.28a (1.5)PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
2.12Jackson Kern14.33a (1.5)PRAuburn
3.11Brady Larson15.06a (1.5)Maroa (M.-Forsyth)
4.12K.J. Davis15.34a (1.5)Oblong-Palestine-Hutsonv…
5.11Justin Spiller15.53a (1.5)East St. Louis (SIUE Cha…
6.12Nathan Canada15.56a (1.5)PRElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
7.12Darius Yocum15.62a (1.5)PRColfax (Ridgeview)
8.12Kacen Johnson15.80a (1.5)Milledgeville
9.9Jerrius Atkinson15.98a (1.5)Danville (Schlarman)
300m Hurdles 1A – Finals
1.12Jackson Kern37.80aPRAuburn
2.12Daryl Okeke38.42aChampaign (Judah Christi…
3.12Gage Smith38.78aShelbyville
4.9Jerrius Atkinson39.62aPRDanville (Schlarman)
5.12Adam Hernandez39.75aPRPawnee
6.11Tyler Miller40.29aPRWestville
7.12Evan Reitz40.55aSteeleville
8.12Danny Kuban40.63aBraidwood (Reed-Custer)
9.11Kyden Boyer40.86aMarshall
4×100 Relay 1A – Finals
1.11De’Angelo Fernandez
12McKeon Crase
10Noah Dewey
12Michael Taylor
42.91aForreston – A
2.12Brycen Hendrix
10Colton Deetz
12Jeremy Walker
12Royce Harper
42.98aDecatur (St. Teresa) – A
3.9Alec Schlichting
12Jace Flynn
10Jaylen Rakowska
12Nick Inden
43.16aLena (L.-Winslow) – A
4.10Steven Moore
11DeByron Boyd
12Carlis Wilson Jr.
9Isaiah Williams
43.16aMadison – A
5.11Brysen Vasquez
12Ethan Davis
12Ethan McLain
12Nathan Kirby
43.21aCatlin (Salt Fork) – A
6.12Will Fox
11Tucker Foil
12Ty Brachbill
12Gage Smith
43.27aShelbyville – A
7.11Payton Campbell
11Dominic Martin
12Alec Thomas
11Braydon Campbell
43.50aColfax (Ridgeview) – A
8.12Isiah Knox
12Ja’mari Winters
12Kevin Jackson
9Chase Jordan
43.85aChicago (Leo) – A
9.10Blake Denman
11Jeremiah Oliver
11Jon Tobey
11Ryan Heard
51.39aPalos Heights (Chicago C…
4×200 Relay 1A – Finals
1.11Brysen Vasquez
12Ethan McLain
12Jacob DePratt
12Nathan Kirby
1:28.69aCatlin (Salt Fork) – A
2.11DeByron Boyd
12Carlis Wilson Jr.
9Isaiah Williams
10Steven Moore
1:28.99aMadison – A
3.12Will Fox
11Tucker Foil
12Ty Brachbill
12Gage Smith
1:29.52aShelbyville – A
4.11Brandon Wiggan
11Eden Trotter-Krahn
12Nathan Lyons
11Supreme Muhammad
1:29.66aWinnebago – A
5.11De’Angelo Fernandez
12McKeon Crase
10Noah Dewey
12Michael Taylor
1:30.00aForreston – A
6.11Alex Zarlatanes
12Peyton Locke
11Ryan Hines
10Jacob Freyermuth
1:30.24aTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)…
7.12Tyler Burch
11Logan Smith
11Colin Wayland
12Jackson Greer
1:30.69aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) …
8.9Alec Schlichting
10Jaylen Rakowska
12Jace Flynn
12Nick Inden
1:30.94aLena (L.-Winslow) – A
9.11LeBryant Flagg
11Braxton Mitchell
11Andre Harden
10Connell Doolin
1:30.95aMaroa (M.-Forsyth) – A
4×400 Relay 1A – Finals
1.12Alec Thomas
10Micah Coffman
11Payton Campbell
11Braydon Campbell
3:22.03aColfax (Ridgeview) – A
2.11Aydan Fisher
11Tucker Foil
12Ty Brachbill
12Gage Smith
3:22.46aShelbyville – A
3.12Nathan Barth
9Jacob Barth
10Carter Hunley
12Jackson Kern
3:25.52aAuburn – A
4.12McKeon Crase
11Micah Nelson
11Brock Soltow
10Noah Dewey
3:26.85aForreston – A
5.12Jamie Hendrix
11Matthew Evans
10Zander Kapp
12Cole Gruenke
3:27.08aTrenton (Wesclin) – A
6.11Cayden Donnelly
12Nathan Dahl
12Barnett Glisson
10Cole Payne
3:27.36aPleasant Plains – A
7.11Carson Lehman
10Lance Wiegand
12Rylan Bachman
11Gabe Schmidt
3:27.46aEureka – A
8.11Logan Smith
11Spencer Wilson
11Colin Wayland
12Jackson Greer
3:27.90aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) …
9.10Colton Deetz
12Christian Brilley
12Jeremy Walker
12Caleb Kernaghan
3:28.15aDecatur (St. Teresa) – A
4×800 Relay 1A – Finals
1.12David Peterson
9Luca Bryja
11Jimmy Bernaeyge
12Daniel Winkelman
7:58.35aElgin (Harvest Christian…
2.11Carson Lehman
12Gabriel Gerber
11Brady Monk
12Charlie Bardwell
8:00.64aEureka – A
3.12Martin Velchek
10Evan Cook
12Cameron Kernaghan
12Caleb Kernaghan
8:03.15aDecatur (St. Teresa) – A
4.11Drew Mirabile
12Daniel Giacomini
12Avery Glasgow
12Nolan Bates
8:04.59aWilliamsville – A
5.12Brendan Williams
9Aiden Faulkner
10Reed Florey
11Isaiah Hill
8:10.61aElmwood – A
6.12Kenny Boesen
10Wyatt Widolff
11Lucas Schaab
11Lucas Simpson
8:12.47aSterling (Newman Central…
7.11Luke Weber
9Hayden Borgic
12Luis Zavala
12Owen Mahaffey
8:14.29aNewton – A
8.11Alex Maas
11Alex Dahlhauser
12Ethan Trask
12Braden Denning
8:15.01aHeyworth – A
9.11Caleb Graham
10Isaac Porzelius
11Kole Rigsby
12Sam Bushert
8:15.11aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley) -…
10.10Henry Wang
12Teo Chemla
10Bruce Tang
10Pieter Duursma
8:15.34aUrbana (University) – A
11.12Nathan Dahl
9Elijah Teefey
10Garrett Beebe
10Cole Payne
8:16.85aPleasant Plains – A
12.11Danny Darrow
9Noah Verscha
11Noah Britton
11Ben Milner
8:17.26aRock Island (Alleman) – A
Shot Put 1A – Finals
1.12Garrett Taylor18.47mCatlin (Salt Fork)
2.12Mitchel Myers17.41mSRArcola
3.12Chris Boyd16.97mTuscola
4.12Cooper Starks16.07mSRVirden (North Mac)
5.12Jacob Wickham15.94mPRNewton
6.11Gage Dunker15.74mLena (L.-Winslow)
7.12Henry Engel15.55mPRLena (L.-Winslow)
8.11Hank Alvey15.24mGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
9.12Eric Kollmann15.04mPRAltamont
10.12Braiden Damhoff14.98mFulton
11.12Camden Rosche14.97mRockford (R. Christian)
12.12Colby Stotler14.91mPRToulon (Stark County)
13.11Nick Feather14.48mPRHeyworth
14.11Matt Schumacher14.40mPRFarmer City (Blue Ridge)
15.12Kolton Tedrick14.34mTeutopolis
16.12Brody Bledsoe14.32mROWVA/Williamsfield
17.12Afton Clark13.98mRushville (R.-Industry)
18.12Walt Layman13.96mWilliamsville
19.11Alex Bogner-Kidwell13.62mSeneca
20.12Jeremy Walton13.45mPeoria (P. Christian)
21.12Chris Farrell13.16mLisle (Sr.)
22.11Robbie Vavrik13.13mChampaign (St. Thomas Mo…
23.12Blaze Helton12.91mHillsboro
24.11Dwayne Wilmington12.73mDuQuoin (H.S.)
25.10Evan Sanders12.71mJohnston City
26.12Vincent Beaty12.67mNashville
27.12Jacob Kann12.65mByron
28.11Sam Forst12.41mChicago (F.W. Parker)
29.10Brynner Inman12.13mNashville
30.10Nick Armor11.45mChicago (Leo)
Discus 1A – Finals
1.12Garrett Taylor55.96mCatlin (Salt Fork)
2.12Mitchel Myers52.83mArcola
3.11Connor McGlauchlen49.78mPana
4.11Nick Feather47.09mHeyworth
5.12Camden Rosche46.68mPRRockford (R. Christian)
6.11Tanner Gimm46.40mLiberty
7.12Sercye Haynes45.73mPRDecatur (St. Teresa)
8.11Brock Trimble45.51mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
9.12Joe Reinhart45.29mVirden (North Mac)
10.9Maddax Stine45.16mPRCatlin (Salt Fork)
11.11Hank Alvey44.84mGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
12.12Jahvonne Rolle44.53mPeotone
13.11John Blumhorst43.44mNashville
14.12Chris Boyd43.38mTuscola
15.11Alex Zarlatanes43.20mTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
16.12Jacob Wickham43.15mNewton
17.12Hunter Danberry43.06mBluford (Webber)
18.12Matt Beiermann42.52mCarrollton
19.12Patrick Walker42.14mChicago (Christ the King)
20.12Vaughn Myers41.85mTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
21.12Afton Clark41.13mRushville (R.-Industry)
22.12Chris Farrell40.21mLisle (Sr.)
23.11Sam Forst39.86mChicago (F.W. Parker)
24.12Brody Bledsoe39.85mROWVA/Williamsfield
25.11Ben Parnow39.20mShabbona (Indian Creek)
26.12Cannon Leonard38.40mGilman (Iroquois West)
27.10Bodie Salmon38.24mAledo (Mercer County)
28.12Evan Buch38.17mSteeleville
29.11Craig Shipley35.74mEureka
30.11Nelson Rider35.64mCarmi (C.-White County)
High Jump 1A – Finals
1.12Mason Kooi2.05mSpringfield (Lutheran)
2.11Noah Gilmore2.02mRobinson
3.12Nolan Deitrich1.90mCarthage (Illini West)
4.10Finan Krenz1.85mBloomington (Central Cat…
4.10Lance Wiegand1.85mEureka
4.11Trent Bliss1.85mFairfield
4.12Ty Brachbill1.85mShelbyville
8.11Carson Buser1.85mByron
8.11Earnest Davenport1.85mMadison
10.11Brayden Howard1.80mRed Bud
11.11Ayden Ingram1.80mBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
12.11Pete Bressner1.80mEureka
12.12Michael Taylor1.80mForreston
12.11Nathan Grant1.80mSeneca
Pole Vault 1A – Finals
1.9Isaiah Whitaker5.10mBloomington (Central Cat…
2.10Mason Gilpin4.20mPRCarlinville
2.12David Staller4.20mRobinson
4.10Marcus Czapar4.00mEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
5.12Charlie Terry4.00mRushville (R.-Industry)
6.10Charlie Schmitz3.90mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
7.9Jacob Veteto3.80mAltamont
8.9Riley Hogan3.80mChampaign (St. Thomas Mo…
9.11Eli Nehring3.65mDuQuoin (H.S.)
10.12Brody Bernier3.65mSherrard
11.12Carter Addison3.65mSullivan
12.11Sam Churchill3.50mSeneca
Long Jump 1A – Finals
1.12K.J. Davis6.52m (0.0)PROblong-Palestine-Hutsonv…
2.11Cole Pemble6.47m (0.0)SRFarmer City (Blue Ridge)
3.12Mason Kooi6.37m (0.0)Springfield (Lutheran)
4.11Max Milbrath6.37m (0.0)Pecatonica
5.11Ayden Ingram6.34m (0.0)Bismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
6.12Carson Gold6.34m (0.0)PREureka
7.9Robert Greer6.30m (0.0)Sparta
8.12Caden Eller6.28m (0.0)Ottawa (Marquette)
9.10Dante Golden6.19m (0.0)El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
10.12Damarion Williams6.08m (0.0)Sparta
11.12Malachi Tolliver6.07m (0.0)Flora
12.11Ben Horn6.05m (0.0)Champaign (St. Thomas Mo…
13.12Kaiden Droste6.02m (0.0)Biggsville (West Central)
14.11Griffin Kohlmiller5.94m (0.0)Edwardsville (Metro-East…
15.12Weston Hails5.92m (0.0)Bluford (Webber)
16.11Jurrel Buford5.80m (0.0)Chicago (Noble/Rowe-Clar…
17.11Tristen Alexander5.67m (0.0)Dakota
18.12Brycen Hendrix5.67m (0.0)Decatur (St. Teresa)
19.12Collin Wright5.62m (0.0)Seneca
20.10Daylen Blaser5.62m (0.0)Aledo (Mercer County)
21.12David-Allen Dunlop5.61m (0.0)Chicago (C. Math and Sci…
22.10Robert Boyd5.61m (0.0)Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
23.12Landon Volk5.60m (0.0)Mt. Sterling (Brown Coun…
24.12Noah Hess5.55m (0.0)Stockton
25.10Michael Sevilla Tor…5.39m (0.0)Beardstown
Triple Jump 1A – Finals
1.11Max Milbrath13.67m (0.0)PRPecatonica
2.11Vontez Dent13.48m (0.0)PRRockford (Lutheran)
3.11Keenan Powell13.43m (0.0)PRLitchfield
4.12Mason Kooi13.42m (0.0)SRSpringfield (Lutheran)
5.12Royce Harper13.38m (0.0)Decatur (St. Teresa)
6.11Dominic Martin13.37m (0.0)PRColfax (Ridgeview)
7.12Chase Olson13.26m (0.0)Aledo (Mercer County)
8.12Ethan Mette12.86m (0.0)PRTeutopolis
9.9Isaac Rennecker12.84m (0.0)PRPetersburg (PORTA)
10.12Damarion Williams12.69m (0.0)Sparta
11.10Ben Roedl12.58m (0.0)Altamont
12.11Noah Gilmore12.57m (0.0)Robinson
13.12Amro Shammakh12.49m (0.0)Poplar Grove (North Boon…
14.10Braden Phillips12.45m (0.0)Arcola
15.10Nolan Gooding12.45m (0.0)Warsaw West Hancock
16.12Daken Pessman12.42m (0.0)Fulton
17.12William Leighty12.34m (0.0)Port Byron (Riverdale)
18.12Casey Rosenberg12.34m (0.0)Lisle (Sr.)
19.12Charles Shaw12.34m (0.0)East St. Louis (SIUE Cha…
20.12Carson Gold12.32m (0.0)Eureka
21.12Nate Nevois12.30m (0.0)Waterloo (Gibault Cathol…
22.12Judah Mallete12.26m (0.0)Chicago (C. Hope Academy)
23.11Caleb Eads12.26m (0.0)Erie
24.11Joshua Ball12.24m (0.0)Chicago (Leo)
25.10Caden Boersma12.16m (0.0)Palos Heights (Chicago C…
26.10Amir Byrd12.15m (0.0)Bloomington (Central Cat…
27.12Elijah Jones12.14m (0.0)DuQuoin (H.S.)
28.12Tank Hill12.12m (0.0)Athens
29.12Alyus Johnson11.94m (0.0)Sherrard
30.9Tim Blackburn-Kelley11.91m (0.0)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
31.11Bryson McDaniel11.90m (0.0)Fithian (Oakwood)
32.11Brayden Jokish11.77m (0.0)DuQuoin (H.S.)
33.12Dane Olson11.39m (0.0)Havana
100 Meters 2A – Finals
1.12Braydon Waller10.75a (-1.0)Chicago Heights (Marian)
2.10Chris Nelson11.07a (-1.0)Herrin (H.S.)
3.10Kyrese Lukens11.08a (-1.0)Herrin (H.S.)
4.12Nolan Milas11.14a (-1.0)Burlington (Central)
5.11Rasheed Johnson11.17a (-1.0)Rockford (Boylan Catholi…
6.11David Coffey11.19a (-1.0)Chicago (De La Salle)
7.11Cameron Williams11.22a (-1.0)Glen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
8.11Kenneth Buchanon11.22a (-1.0)East St. Louis (Sr.)
9.12James Harris11.30a (-1.0)Springfield (Lanphier)
200 Meters 2A – Finals
1.12Jackson Gilbert21.64a (-0.2)Urbana (H.S.)
2.10Chris Nelson21.70a (-0.2)Herrin (H.S.)
3.12Nolan Milas21.78a (-0.2)Burlington (Central)
4.11Kenneth Buchanon21.85a (-0.2)SREast St. Louis (Sr.)
5.12Devion Montgomery22.21a (-0.2)East St. Louis (Sr.)
6.11Deangelo Hughey22.22a (-0.2)Mahomet (M.-Seymour)
7.12Dylan Doss22.30a (-0.2)Sterling
8.12James Harris22.34a (-0.2)Springfield (Lanphier)
9.10Kyrese Lukens22.59a (-0.2)Herrin (H.S.)
400 Meters 2A – Finals
1.12Devion Montgomery48.17aPREast St. Louis (Sr.)
2.11Deangelo Hughey48.42aMahomet (M.-Seymour)
3.11Austin Dedecker49.64aPRCarbondale
4.11Plamedi Nseka49.85aGalesburg (H.S.)
5.12Evan Rainville49.92aChicago (Payton)
6.12Joe Miller50.12aPRRichmond (R.-Burton)
7.12Garrett McNeilly50.30aPRChampaign (Central)
8.12Quentin Stepney50.34aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
800 Meters 2A – Finals
1.11Patrick Hilby1:50.49aPRAurora (Central Catholic)
2.12Sam Atkinson1:53.65aPRMt. Zion
3.11Payton Whitehead1:54.27aPRLake Villa (Lakes)
4.12Kody Danko1:54.58aPRStreator (Twp.)
5.12Caden Emmert1:54.96aPRSycamore (H.S.)
6.12Armando Acosta1:56.49aPRAurora (Central Catholic)
7.12Reece Dusek1:56.61aDunlap
8.10Griffin Schneid1:56.99aPRLisle (Benet Academy)
9.11Tim Jochum1:57.26aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
10.12Maxwell Woodruff1:57.88aChicago (Lindblom)
11.12Charlie Richardson1:58.04aChicago (DePaul College …
12.12Ryan Chung1:58.26aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
1600 Meters 2A – Finals
1.11Gavin Genisio4:08.68aPRBenton
2.11Ethan Hogan4:13.45aColumbia
3.12Cale Smith4:16.46aPRDecatur (Eisenhower)
4.11Dale Johnson4:17.46aPRSterling
5.12Joe Schwartz4:20.04aWaterloo (H.S.)
6.12Grayden Rill4:20.96aOak Park (Fenwick)
7.12Calvin Range4:21.91aPRColumbia
8.10Gabriel McLain4:22.69aPRBenton
9.11Brady Kataoka4:23.59aPRNiles (Northridge Prep)
10.12Mac Kittrell4:26.07aChicago (DePaul College …
11.11Julian Baker4:27.36aMt. Zion
12.11Dylon Nalley4:27.75aMarion (H.S.)
3200 Meters 2A – Finals
1.11Ethan Hogan9:02.22aColumbia
2.11Dale Johnson9:08.77aPRSterling
3.12Mac Kittrell9:21.06aChicago (DePaul College …
4.11Dylon Nalley9:25.80aMarion (H.S.)
5.11David Valkanov9:26.64aPRMaple Park (Kaneland)
6.10Evan Nosek9:27.65aPRMaple Park (Kaneland)
7.11Nathaniel McKillop9:30.75aPROak Park (Fenwick)
8.10Dylan Gehl9:33.58aPRGeneseo
9.11Julian Baker9:36.34aMt. Zion
10.11Jaden Frederick9:36.43aPRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
11.10Gabriel Cooper9:43.11aPRChicago (Payton)
12.10Finn Richards9:43.74aLisle (Benet Academy)
13.10Aaron Conderman9:44.26aDixon (H.S.)
14.12Jackson Collman9:45.52aBethalto (Civic Memorial)
15.9Caleb Mathias9:46.98aChampaign (Central)
16.10Aiden Hulett9:47.29aLisle (Benet Academy)
17.11Rocco Cipolla9:48.50aPREvergreen Park
18.10Simon Lane9:49.28aPRChicago (University)
19.11Josh Weeks9:54.19aMorton
20.12Holden Hough9:59.08aOlney (Richland County)
21.12Aiden Pacunas10:02.03aRantoul
22.12Sam Yontz10:02.69aMorton
23.10Jackson Summy10:04.48aPRLake Villa (Lakes)
24.10Daniel Grauer10:05.13aMt. Zion
25.12Nick Bonn10:05.25aChampaign (Central)
26.10Jackson Manley10:07.65aBartonville (Limestone)
27.11Drew Moser10:08.46aClinton
28.9Sean Kaeb10:11.63aNormal (University)
29.12Dylan Hanson10:12.73aWoodstock (H.S.)
30.11Andrew Elward10:18.09aPeoria (Notre Dame)
31.11Hugh Flannery10:28.80aLombard (Montini)
32.11Bryan Malkowski10:29.07aChicago (DePaul College …
33.12Gabriel Schonknecht10:38.54aChicago (De La Salle)
34.11Jesse Sloan10:53.71aTaylorville
35.11Gavin Lee11:06.68aChicago (Payton)
110m Hurdles 2A – Finals
1.12Ajani Rush14.26a (1.4)PRCountry Club Hills (Hill…
2.12Keshawn Lyons14.28a (1.4)PRCahokia (H.S.)
3.12Demarlynn Taylor14.36a (1.4)PREast St. Louis (Sr.)
4.12Jaden Bossie14.62a (1.4)Chicago (Mt. Carmel)
5.11Christian Kronk14.74a (1.4)PRColumbia
6.11Ameen Koya-Oyefuwa15.18a (1.4)PRChicago (Northside)
7.11Tony Keene15.52a (1.4)Harrisburg
8.11Antonio Mack16.08a (1.4)Mascoutah
300m Hurdles 2A – Finals
1.12Demarlynn Taylor37.85aPREast St. Louis (Sr.)
2.12Keshawn Lyons38.75aPRCahokia (H.S.)
3.12Noah Smith39.37aPRMorris
4.11Antonio Mack39.57aPRMascoutah
5.9Amauree Williams39.87aPRRichton Park (Southland …
6.11Christian Kronk39.88aColumbia
7.10Adrian Mann41.46aHarrisburg
8.12Tyler Randall44.36aChicago (Westinghouse Co…
9.12Michael VanHootegem53.97aChicago Heights (Marian)
4×100 Relay 2A – Finals
1.11Logan Clough
10Chris Nelson
11Exavier Williams
10Kyrese Lukens
41.66aHerrin (H.S.) – A
2.12Demarlynn Taylor
12Malachi Wren
11Kenneth Buchanon
12Devion Montgomery
41.98aEast St. Louis (Sr.) – A
3.11Paul Frazier Jr
12Michael VanHootegem
10Tyler Lofton
12Braydon Waller
42.28aChicago Heights (Marian)…
4.12Tristan Darby
11Tashon Crockarell
11Cory Warren
10Louis Yohannes
42.28aTroy (Triad) – A
5.12Micah Wong
11Nyamedze Maison
11Luke Schaff
12Carl Whitaker
42.47aMorton – A
6.10Joseph Holcomb
12Dylan Doss
12Kael Ryan
11Cale Ledergerber
42.81aSterling – A
7.11Bryndon Wallace
11Bryson Richardson
12Kyle Hensley
10Brayden Trimble
43.07aMt. Zion – A
8.10Harley Rizzs
11Quinton Williams
12Allan Potter
10Monroe Thompson Jr
43.96aBurbank (St. Laurence) -…
4×200 Relay 2A – Finals
1.11Logan Clough
10Kyrese Lukens
11Exavier Williams
10Chris Nelson
1:27.25aHerrin (H.S.) – A
2.12Tristan Darby
11Tashon Crockarell
11Cory Warren
10Louis Yohannes
1:28.09aTroy (Triad) – A
3.11Kenneth Buchanon
12Malachi Wren
10Ralph Smith
12Timothy Cross
1:28.65aEast St. Louis (Sr.) – A
4.11Cale Ledergerber
10Joseph Holcomb
12Dylan Doss
12Kael Ryan
1:28.70aSterling – A
5.11Max Loveall
11Jack Martens
11Dan Kalinowski
11Sean Rockwell
1:28.80aRichmond (R.-Burton) – A
6.12Kyle Hensley
11Bryson Richardson
9Jacob Harvey
10Brayden Trimble
1:29.53aMt. Zion – A
7.10Thomas Christian
11Adam Roth
10Jahri McClendon
12Matthew Russette
1:29.84aChicago (DePaul College …
8.10Garrett Richardson
10Brock Schlittler
11Eric Miebach
11Jay Saunders
1:29.86aTolono (Unity) – A
9.11Abraham Lenear
11Terrell King
11Cedric Sabin
9Sorrell Darough Jr.
1:30.16aUrbana (H.S.) – A
4×400 Relay 2A – Finals
1.12Quenton Stepney
12Demarlynn Taylor
10Darris Ivy
12Devion Montgomery
3:18.73aEast St. Louis (Sr.) – A
2.11Abraham Lenear
11Cordaro Sims
11Cedric Sabin
12Jackson Gilbert
3:18.92aUrbana (H.S.) – A
3.12Joe Miller
11Dan Kalinowski
11Jack Martens
11Sean Rockwell
3:20.55aRichmond (R.-Burton) – A
4.11Brennan Gleason
10Makari Roper
9Oluwapelumi Badejo
11Austin Dedecker
3:21.36aCarbondale – A
5.10Jaylen Pennington
12Nicholas Deloach
12Keshawn Lyons
9Corrion Raiford
3:21.92aCahokia (H.S.) – A
6.11Eli Crome
11Matthew Rangel
12Will Donahoe
12Caden Emmert
3:25.25aSycamore (H.S.) – A
7.12Dayton Beatty
12Wyatt Miller
12Luis Baez
10Simeion Harris
3:26.21aSandwich – A
8.11Jordan Britt
11Dale Johnson
12Kael Ryan
12Dylan Doss
3:27.57aSterling – A
9.9Zach Duffie
10Matt Pluff
12AJ Banks
10Riley Frech
3:29.68aFreeburg – A
4×800 Relay 2A – Finals
1.10Ryan Murray
9Declan Slavin
12Maximilian Kollmeyer
12Evan Rainville
7:53.59aChicago (Payton) – A
2.11Ben Crombie
11Luke Jones
10Jude Toft
12Brenden Heitzig
7:54.94aLincoln – A
3.12Jackson Collman
11Lucas Naugle
11DJ Dutton
11Justice Eldridge
7:57.54aBethalto (Civic Memorial…
4.12Ryan Chung
11Lucas Newman
11Michael Bailey
11Tim Jochum
7:58.12aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
5.11Parker Janssen
11Jordan Britt
11Owen Anderson
12Thomas Holcomb
7:59.03aSterling – A
6.10Jakob Riley
12Isaac Turk
12Cooper Sweet
11Fynn Bright
8:02.11aChampaign (Central) – A
7.11Ishan Patel
9Ellery Shutt
11Aryan Patel
11Cohen Shutt
8:04.78aWoodstock (H.S.) – A
8.11Ayden Ellsworth
11Ian Moll
12Nick Fuess
10Leo Cozzi
8:07.42aMascoutah – A
9.11Hayden Lees
12Benja Stone
12Sean Hudspath
11Mekye Lomax
8:08.35aMarion (H.S.) – A
10.11Dominic Cantarini
11Andrew Peterson
12Max Martinez
11Plamedi Nseka
8:13.56aGalesburg (H.S.) – A
11.12Alexander Horton
10Joseph Fiorenza
11Nolan Coen
12Aidan Wedwick
8:15.70aRockford (Boylan Catholi…
12.11Caedmon Cook
11Trey Mygatt
9Rowan Wilford
11Branden Etheridge
8:25.15aMt. Vernon (H.S.) – A
Shot Put 2A – Finals
1.12Chase Crawford19.28mPRCahokia (H.S.)
2.11Caleb Smith18.12mSalem
3.12JehChys Brown17.69mCentralia (H.S.)
4.12David Russell17.63mChillicothe (Illinois Va…
5.11Payne Miller16.47mPrinceton
6.12Alex Stout15.87mCharleston
7.12Scott Webb15.81mClinton
8.12Ethan Davis15.71mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
9.12Trevor Snyder15.43mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
10.12Nicholas Nuno15.05mBurlington (Central)
11.12Jaden Smith14.94mCarterville
12.10Cade Odell14.88mPRPrinceton
13.12Matthew Warkins14.70mDixon (H.S.)
14.12Zachary Hoffman14.54mNormal (University)
15.11Kaden Salisbury14.51mGeneseo
16.12Robert Byron14.50mMahomet (M.-Seymour)
17.11Andrew Bownes14.42mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
18.11Zach Van Tieghem14.39mTroy (Triad)
19.11Michael Mills14.38mOttawa (Twp.)
20.11Luke Johnsen14.18mGeneseo
21.12Daniel Reedy14.13mSandwich
22.12Aidan Dentice14.10mLisle (Benet Academy)
23.11Brett Larson13.87mMaple Park (Kaneland)
24.9Jordan Phelan13.79mLake Villa (Lakes)
25.12Isaiah Mosley13.60mEvergreen Park
26.11Tyler Moon13.03mWoodstock (H.S.)
27.12Laquan Battle12.70mChicago (Mt. Carmel)
28.11Henry Harsy12.64mCarbondale
29.10Dominic Bitz11.98mChicago (DePaul College …
30.11Vashawn Strong11.95mChicago (Ogden Internati…
Discus 2A – Finals
1.11Caleb Smith55.56mPRSalem
2.12David Russell52.59mChillicothe (Illinois Va…
3.12JehChys Brown51.53mCentralia (H.S.)
4.12Ashton Noble49.64mRoxana
5.12Chase Crawford49.04mCahokia (H.S.)
6.11Bennett Williams48.89mPrinceton
7.12Cole Johnson47.74mSalem
8.11Andrew Bownes47.73mSREast St. Louis (Sr.)
9.12Wyatt Pilson47.64mMt. Vernon (H.S.)
10.11Jordyn Beverly46.81mMarion (H.S.)
11.11Kaden Salisbury45.91mGeneseo
12.12Ethan Davis45.48mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
13.10Aaron Culbertson45.11mGalena
14.12Jacob Maxwell44.93mTolono (Unity)
15.12Seth Varble44.82mClinton
16.12Robert Byron43.91mMahomet (M.-Seymour)
17.12Tyler Kasap43.57mMetamora
18.10Ian Morris43.43mPrinceton
19.12Travis Jones43.20mHerscher
20.11Brady Betustak42.46mMaple Park (Kaneland)
21.12Aaron Acosta42.18mGenoa (G.-Kingston)
22.12Trevor Snyder39.88mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
23.11Josh Hodge39.60mBethalto (Civic Memorial)
24.11Sean Brown39.39mChicago (C. Military Aca…
25.12Andrew Unthank39.20mHarrisburg
26.10Michael Roberson37.77mFreeport (H.S.)
27.10Nolan Daly36.64mLaGrange Park (Nazareth …
28.12Laquan Battle35.72mPRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
29.10Ricardo Santiago34.77mLaSalle (L.-Peru)
30.11Byron Barron29.10mChicago (DePaul College …
31.12Collin Dames28.32mCoal City
High Jump 2A – Finals
1.12Drew Tucker2.02mPRMetamora
2.9Gavyn Cothern1.99mPROlney (Richland County)
3.12Nicholas Deloach1.99mPRCahokia (H.S.)
4.10Drew Rogers1.96mParis
5.10Fredrick Hassan1.93mMaple Park (Kaneland)
5.10Matt Pluff1.93mFreeburg
7.12Ben Scott1.93mColumbia
8.11Jayden Jones1.90mMacomb
9.9Denium Powell1.90mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
10.11Tashon Crockarell1.85mTroy (Triad)
11.10Brayden Trimble1.85mMt. Zion
Pole Vault 2A – Finals
1.11Paul Migas4.91mPRLake Villa (Lakes)
2.12Kyle Hensley4.75mMt. Zion
3.11Cooper Schaad4.65mGeneseo
4.11Tony Keene4.55mHarrisburg
5.12Evan Alexander4.35mPRRochester
6.11Daniel Eberle4.25mAurora (Central Catholic)
7.12Zenon Rule4.25mPeoria (Richwoods)
8.12Brayden Farmer4.25mMaple Park (Kaneland)
9.10Ty Clark4.10mMahomet (M.-Seymour)
9.11Ryan Anderson4.10mAurora (Marmion Academy)
11.10Drake Howard4.10mTaylorville
12.11Parker Friederich4.10mPRTroy (Triad)
13.11Landan Creighton3.80mWoodstock (North)
13.11Grayson Burton3.80mBurlington (Central)
13.11Brayden Combs3.80mGeneseo
Long Jump 2A – Finals
1.11Jayden Jones7.00m (0.0)PRMacomb
2.10Aidan Wyzard6.84m (0.0)PRSycamore (H.S.)
3.12Jacob Morrison6.79m (0.0)SRMt. Vernon (H.S.)
4.12Nicholas Deloach6.76m (0.0)SRCahokia (H.S.)
5.11Adrian Washington6.73m (0.0)Joliet (Catholic Academy)
6.10Rex Hallam6.64m (0.0)Olney (Richland County)
7.11Exavier Williams6.56m (0.0)Herrin (H.S.)
8.11Bryndon Wallace6.51m (0.0)Mt. Zion
9.11Dev’ion Reynolds6.47m (0.0)Mundelein (Carmel)
10.11HJ Grigsby6.45m (0.0)Joliet (Catholic Academy)
11.11Jo’viano Howard6.32m (0.0)Cahokia (H.S.)
12.12Pierce Reinhard6.24m (0.0)Sycamore (H.S.)
13.12Jerome Jackson6.22m (0.0)Monmouth (M.-Roseville)
14.12Mikey Eiker6.21m (0.0)Galesburg (H.S.)
15.12Broc Grogan6.15m (0.0)Morris
16.11Cale Ledergerber6.09m (0.0)Sterling
17.12Jake Bianchi6.09m (0.0)Aurora (Central Catholic)
18.12Carson Green6.03m (0.0)Centralia (H.S.)
19.12Kaleb Lawson5.96m (0.0)Peoria (H.S.)
20.12Luke Hemmersmeier5.94m (0.0)Lombard (Montini)
21.11Cameron Williams5.94m (0.0)Glen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
22.12Ajani Rush5.90m (0.0)Country Club Hills (Hill…
23.11Breydan Graham5.87m (0.0)Dolton (Thornridge)
24.11Antonio Waters5.84m (0.0)Chicago (Agricultural Sc…
25.10Jahri McClendon5.65m (0.0)Chicago (DePaul College …
26.11Jalen Williams5.51m (0.0)Oak Park (Fenwick)
27.11Torey French5.46m (0.0)Mundelein (Carmel)
28.11Darren Jones5.45m (0.0)Chicago (De La Salle)
Triple Jump 2A – Finals
1.12Nicholas Deloach14.02m (0.0)Cahokia (H.S.)
2.12Jayson Simmons13.24m (0.0)Country Club Hills (Hill…
3.12Jayden Leise13.20m (0.0)Lombard (Montini)
4.12Micah Wong13.13m (0.0)PRMorton
5.12Cole Marshall13.07m (0.0)Mahomet (M.-Seymour)
6.12Ethan Godsey12.93m (0.0)Manteno
7.10Xavier Mayfield12.88m (0.0)North Chicago
8.9Tyreque Baker12.87m (0.0)East St. Louis (Sr.)
9.12Nicolas Zurko12.84m (0.0)Sycamore (H.S.)
10.12Demond Holt12.80m (0.0)Dolton (Thornridge)
11.11Waleed Johnson12.46m (0.0)Plano
12.10Patrik Dortch12.28m (0.0)Lake Villa (Lakes)
13.11Karmello Downey12.12m (0.0)Harrisburg
14.11Ryan Talty12.01m (0.0)PRChicago (St. Rita)
15.11Andrew McLauchlan11.98m (0.0)Morton
16.12Anthony Sneddon11.90m (0.0)Galesburg (H.S.)
17.12Elliot O’Keefe11.86m (0.0)Marion (H.S.)
18.10Shae Griffith11.85m (0.0)Chicago (DePaul College …
19.11Tristyn Hynes11.82m (0.0)Chicago (De La Salle)
20.11Leavell Windfield Jr11.79m (0.0)Chicago (Westinghouse Co…
21.10Nicholas Salyga11.69m (0.0)Chicago (Payton)
100 Meters 3A – Finals
1.12Daniel Lacy10.69a (0.3)PRChampaign (Centennial)
2.11Olusoga Adeyiga10.85a (0.3)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
3.12Austin Belle10.89a (0.3)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
4.12Billy Bailey Jr.10.94a (0.3)Joliet (West)
5.12Miles Granjean10.96a (0.3)Evanston (Twp.)
6.12Danny Eloe11.01a (0.3)Naperville (North)
7.10Caleb Schulz11.02a (0.3)Oak Park (O.P.-River For…
8.11Lucas Parr11.04a (0.3)Chicago (Marist)
9.12John Gore11.09a (0.3)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
200 Meters 3A – Finals
1.12Daniel Lacy21.51a (1.4)Champaign (Centennial)
2.12Austin Belle21.72a (1.4)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
3.11Olusoga Adeyiga21.84a (1.4)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
4.12Billy Bailey Jr.21.89a (1.4)Joliet (West)
5.12Robert Scott III22.00a (1.4)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
6.12Alassane Ba22.05a (1.4)East Moline (United)
7.10Austin Rowswell22.38a (1.4)New Lenox (Lincoln-Way W…
8.12Cael Hiser22.41a (1.4)Minooka
9.12Miles Granjean22.61a (1.4)Evanston (Twp.)
400 Meters 3A – Finals
1.12Daniel Lacy47.28aPRChampaign (Centennial)
2.12Billy Bailey Jr.47.28aPRJoliet (West)
3.12Josh Pugh47.50aPRYorkville (H.S.)
4.12Ramontay Abram48.79aBelleville (West)
5.11Nelson Speaks49.15aPRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
6.11Doug Anderson49.22aHighland Park
7.12Dominik Balenda49.57aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
8.12Ifechukwu Inoma50.94aBolingbrook
800 Meters 3A – Finals
1.12Dan Watcke1:52.16aHinsdale (Central)
2.11Ryan Eddington1:52.84aPRDowners Grove (North)
3.12Caleb Levy1:52.96aPRGurnee (Warren)
4.12Quintin Lowe1:53.53aPRBatavia
5.12Michael Polizzi1:53.72aPRChicago (Taft)
6.11John Ihrke1:53.99aPRNorthbrook (Glenbrook No…
7.11Foster Shelbert1:54.00aNaperville (Central)
8.9Owen Horeni1:54.08aPRYorkville (H.S.)
9.12Aidan Hill1:54.42aElmhurst (York)
10.12William Simon1:54.82aPRWilmette (Loyola Academy)
11.12Sam Patel1:55.76aPRWheeling
12.11Grant Giblin1:58.17aOrland Park (Sandburg)
1600 Meters 3A – Finals
1.11Aden Bandukwala4:10.39aPRHinsdale (Central)
2.11Camyn Viger4:11.75aPRPlainfield (South)
3.11Marcellus Mines4:12.47aPRJoliet (West)
4.11Caden Weber4:12.63aPRDowners Grove (North)
5.11Trey Sato4:12.74aPRGrayslake (Central)
6.12Liam Newhart4:15.06aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
7.12Riley Newport4:15.18aSRDeKalb
8.12Alexander Das4:15.33aPROswego (East)
9.12Theodore Cunningham4:15.55aPRPalatine (Fremd)
10.11Liam Naughton4:15.62aPRArlington Heights (Herse…
11.12Trent Anderson4:16.35aOrland Park (Sandburg)
12.12Owen Forberg4:23.64aOak Lawn (Richards)
3200 Meters 3A – Finals
1.12Evan Horgan9:05.98aPRBelvidere (North)
2.12Liam Newhart9:07.03aPROak Park (O.P.-River For…
3.11Aden Bandukwala9:10.42aPRHinsdale (Central)
4.12Parker Nold9:11.48aOswego (East)
5.12Dylan Myers9:14.51aLake Zurich
6.11Zac Close9:14.75aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
7.12Topher Ferris9:17.14aPRDowners Grove (North)
8.12Vijay Krishnamoorthi9:17.44aHoffman Estates (Conant)
9.10Joe Bregenzer9:19.79aBarrington
10.10Ben Crane9:19.80aWinnetka (New Trier)
11.12Jesse Gamboa9:20.11aPRHinsdale (Central)
12.12BJ Sorg9:21.15aPlainfield (South)
13.12Matt Padilla9:21.75aOswego (H.S.)
14.10Tommy Nitz9:21.95aPRHuntley
15.11Nate Wehner9:23.89aHighland Park
16.12Mason Krieg9:26.05aPRPalatine (H.S.)
17.11Mohamed Abdullahi9:26.22aPRChicago (Mather)
18.10Brian Hatoum9:26.97aHighland Park
19.12Nick Parrell9:27.11aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
20.11Dylan Ybarra9:27.69aO’Fallon (H.S.)
21.12Carter Smott9:33.49aDowners Grove (South)
22.10Dylan Maloney9:34.18aPlainfield (South)
23.12Mario Torres9:34.67aBuffalo Grove
24.12Joey Karlesky9:35.75aPark Ridge (Maine South)
25.12Lucas Yonker9:38.80aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
26.12Oliver Burns9:39.53aPlainfield (North)
27.12Jack Roberts9:39.75aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
28.12Aidan DeMuth9:40.47aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
29.12Aaron Hendron9:40.76aChampaign (Centennial)
30.11Josh Poeschel9:41.28aDowners Grove (South)
31.10Quinn Davis9:41.45aPlainfield (North)
32.11Sean Heetland9:41.96aAurora (West Aurora)
33.11Matthew Conroy9:42.72aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
34.10Evan Parker9:43.58aSkokie (Niles North)
35.11Cillian Henning9:44.34aLaGrange (Lyons)
36.12Mitch Garcia9:44.50aSt. Charles (East)
37.10Justin Hurtado9:46.23aBarrington
38.11Felix Hekster9:48.35aWinnetka (New Trier)
39.11Tyler Browning9:49.29aNaperville (Central)
40.10Owynn Garrelts9:52.29aPark Ridge (Maine South)
41.10Brady Travers9:57.29aDowners Grove (North)
42.12Braden Eckman9:59.79aLake Zurich
43.10Brady Norman10:04.01aRiverside (R.-Brookfield)
44.11Cameron Valcich10:04.33aLockport (Twp.)
45.10Luke Atzman10:05.78aOrland Park (Sandburg)
110m Hurdles 3A – Finals
1.12Miles Granjean14.36a (-0.6)Evanston (Twp.)
2.12Jonathan Tegel14.53a (-0.6)Crystal Lake (Central)
3.12Saiheed Jah14.68a (-0.6)Moline (H.S.)
4.12Marcus Caselberry14.82a (-0.6)Lincolnshire (Stevenson)
5.12Matthew Thomas15.05a (-0.6)Danville
6.11Chris Rodriguez15.11a (-0.6)Skokie (Niles West)
7.12Jake Lansdowne15.13a (-0.6)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
8.12Sean Mitchell15.14a (-0.6)Joliet (Central)
9.12Elijah Easley15.22a (-0.6)Chicago (Kenwood)
300m Hurdles 3A – Finals
1.12Ryan Schaefer38.34aGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
2.12Saiheed Jah38.66aPRMoline (H.S.)
3.12Jonathan Tegel38.67aPRCrystal Lake (Central)
4.12Marcus Caselberry38.70aPRLincolnshire (Stevenson)
5.9Myles Ellis38.87aPRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
6.12Simon McClaine39.20aPRAlton (Sr.)
7.12Jake Slavish39.23aVernon Hills
8.12Henry Hartsfield40.19aWilmette (Loyola Academy)
9.10Amari Williams41.76aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
4×100 Relay 3A – Finals
1.11Olusoga Adeyiga
12Robert Scott III
12John Gore
12Jeremiah Turner
41.43aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.) …
2.11Kellen Brnfre
10Clayton Lakatos
10Darren Wilson
10Zach Lane
41.77aEdwardsville – A
3.11Carson Marlar
12Nathan Jacobs
11Muneeb Shah
12Danny Eloe
41.89aNaperville (North) – A
4.12Tyree Muhammad
12Jake Lansdowne
12Tyrek Campbell
12Austin Belle
42.07aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
5.12Charley Thompson
12Jailen Duffie
12Cassius Callahan
12Jaden Turner
42.35aGurnee (Warren) – A
6.11Luke Mailander
12Kelly Watson
11Cash Langley
12Leo Glennon
42.75aElmhurst (York) – A
7.12David Flint
12Elijah Mowatt
11Santiago Valle
10Caleb Schulz
43.00aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
8.12Adam Beasley
12Donovan Cephus
12Datia Ebengo
12Amare Harris
43.08aBloomington – A
9.12Sidney Morris
10Armond Boulware
12Jahad Henderson
11Dion Trotter
43.09aChicago (Kenwood) – A
4×200 Relay 3A – Finals
1.12Jeremiah Turner
11Andrew Mitchell
12John Gore
12Robert Scott III
1:26.20aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.) …
2.11Luke Mailander
12Joey Valeski
11Cash Langley
12Leo Glennon
1:27.07aElmhurst (York) – A
3.11Kellen Brnfre
10Clayton Lakatos
10Darren Wilson
10Zach Lane
1:27.36aEdwardsville – A
4.9Alex Asare
12Jailen Duffie
12Cassius Callahan
12Jaden Turner
1:27.81aGurnee (Warren) – A
5.12Danny Eloe
11Carson Marlar
10Kai Williams
12Nathan Jacobs
1:28.89aNaperville (North) – A
6.12Shanmukh Chebrolu
11Daniel Pere
12Darrell Space
12Arthur Cox III
1:28.98aAurora (Metea Valley) – A
7.9Edward Mason
10Rajan Anthony
9Daniel Robinson
12Austin Belle
1:29.08aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
8.10David Campbell
10Armond Boulware
11Malachi Moreno
12Sidney Morris
1:29.17aChicago (Kenwood) – A
9.12Adam Beasley
12Donovan Cephus
12Datia Ebengo
12Amare Harris
1:29.94aBloomington – A
4×400 Relay 3A – Finals
1.12Brycen Clements
9Owen Horeni
12Elliot Goodwin
12Josh Pugh
3:19.04aYorkville (H.S.) – A
2.11John Vagnoni
11Elliott Bond
11Evan Richardson
11Trey Sato
3:19.62aGrayslake (Central) – A
3.11Andrew Mitchell
9Myles Ellis
12Kyle Murry
11Nelson Speaks
3:19.95aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.) …
4.11Jameson Rick
12Caden Pfister
11Tucker Anglemyer
11Jeram Salles
3:21.08aWinnetka (New Trier) – A
5.12Maddox Fluno
12David Castilla
11Charles Blackmer
12Jake Slavish
3:21.78aVernon Hills – A
6.12Payton Noble
12Aidan Hill
12Charles MacPhail
12Joey Valeski
3:21.79aElmhurst (York) – A
7.11Bode Smith
12Samuel Barnard
12Luke Noren
11Foster Shelbert
3:22.45aNaperville (Central) – A
8.11Joshua Stewart
11Terence Jackson Jr.
12Ifechukwu Inoma
11Hussein Almousawi
3:23.58aBolingbrook – A
9.12Mark Hanson
11Ben Riedel
11Charlie Connolly
12Dominik Balenda
3:28.79aMt. Prospect (Prospect) …
4×800 Relay 3A – Finals
1.12Michael Skora
12Grant Miller
12Kyle Doorhy
12Dan Watcke
7:38.59aHinsdale (Central) – A
2.10Grant Schroder
12Asa Gaspar
11Caden Weber
11Ryan Eddington
7:39.03aDowners Grove (North) – A
3.12Ethan Reynoso
11Gavin Borger
12Jack Wright
11Camyn Viger
7:40.61aPlainfield (South) – A
4.12Samuel Barnard
11Julian Brozek
12Luke Noren
11Foster Shelbert
7:44.39aNaperville (Central) – A
5.12Michael Ferrell
11Nicholas Strayer
12John Meyers
12Matthew McGovern
7:51.25aLaGrange (Lyons) – A
6.11Michael Michelotti
11Lewis O’Connor
10Finn Kelly
11Daniel Johnson
7:52.23aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
7.12Jeffrey Spirek
12Logan Rodi
11Nicholas Sadelski
12Shane Hosty
7:52.86aDowners Grove (South) – A
8.12Trent Anderson
9Mateo Ramiro-Garcia
9Jackson Canellis
11Grant Giblin
7:53.67aOrland Park (Sandburg) -…
9.12Luka Kuzmanovic
11Michael Piagari
11John Peterson
12Andrew Katsogianos
7:53.85aMt. Prospect (Prospect) …
10.11Owen Stahl
11Easton Miller
9Thomas Czerwinski
12Ryan Tracey
7:54.30aPlainfield (North) – A
11.11Dhairya Trivedi
12Noel Velasquez
12Phillip Dart
12Jacob Lanzara
7:58.43aOswego (East) – A
Shot Put 3A – Finals
1.12Tyler Michelini18.70mRoselle (Lake Park)
2.12Alex Sohn18.47mNormal (Community)
3.12Javaris Ambrose17.99mHarvey (Thornton)
4.11Will Nolan17.96mPRArlington Heights (Herse…
5.11Kaden Garland17.58mOak Park (O.P.-River For…
6.12Michael Jimmar17.55mPRPlainfield (East)
7.12Henry Warsaw17.20mSt. Charles (North)
8.12KeShawn Harrington-…16.66mPRMachesney Park (Harlem)
9.10Logan Farrell16.38mPRArlington Heights (Herse…
10.12Gino Cardone16.05mRoselle (Lake Park)
11.11Brandon Hansen16.02mPRMundelein
12.11Reece Ihenacho15.99mCary (C.-Grove)
13.11Karrel Harvest15.90mPRLansing (Thornton Fracti…
14.12Ozzie Gamboa15.50mOak Lawn (Community)
15.10Joe Atkins15.33mWashington
16.12Jeffery Newing15.18mPRChicago (Kenwood)
17.11Dominic Vashkelis-B…14.75mYorkville (H.S.)
18.11Jacob Katauskas14.73mLemont
19.12Chance Rolfe14.72mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
20.10Iose Epenesa14.64mEdwardsville
21.11Ethan Aghakhan14.22mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
22.11Karlos Ibarra12.97mChicago (Mather)
Discus 3A – Finals
1.11Maverick Ohle55.82mNaperville (Central)
2.11Reece Ihenacho53.59mCary (C.-Grove)
3.12Alex Sohn51.72mNormal (Community)
4.11Aidan Porreca51.61mPRGurnee (Warren)
5.10Iose Epenesa49.80mEdwardsville
6.12Evan Sweeney49.76mAurora (Metea Valley)
7.12Tyler Michelini47.83mRoselle (Lake Park)
8.12Ryne Salas47.60mCrystal Lake (South)
9.11Ethan Aghakhan47.32mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
10.10Devin Habermehl46.28mCollinsville
11.11Kaden Garland45.02mOak Park (O.P.-River For…
12.11DeMarion Forman44.97mDanville
13.12KeShawn Harrington-…44.70mMachesney Park (Harlem)
14.11Arnold Walker44.40mAurora (East)
15.10Logan Farrell43.95mArlington Heights (Herse…
16.12Payton Noble43.63mElmhurst (York)
17.12Javaris Ambrose43.43mHarvey (Thornton)
18.12Trevor Mathison43.31mAurora (West Aurora)
19.11Karrel Harvest41.64mLansing (Thornton Fracti…
20.11Dominic Vashkelis-B…40.36mYorkville (H.S.)
21.10Davion Wright40.10mWaukegan (H.S.)
22.12Ben Schenkenfelder40.08mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
23.11Chase Creed40.05mLockport (Twp.)
24.12Jonathan Sewell39.77mCollinsville
25.12Christian Medlock39.57mFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
26.12Temi Adeyonu38.77mChicago (Kenwood)
27.10Antonio Montoya38.73mNormal (Community)
28.12Alfredo Pantoja37.42mHillside (Proviso West)
29.11Micah Hamilton36.70mMinooka
–.12Jeffery NewingFOULChicago (Kenwood)
–.9Logan AbramsFOULCary (C.-Grove)
High Jump 3A – Finals
1.10Voldy Makabu2.04mPRChampaign (Centennial)
2.12Chris Taylor2.04mNormal (Community)
3.11Kosta Zografos1.98mWauconda
4.12Adam Beasley1.95mBloomington
4.10Logic West1.95mChicago (Kenwood)
6.12McHale Hood1.95mHuntley
7.12Marcus Kennedy1.90mChicago (Brother Rice)
7.12Julius Washington1.90mChicago (Kenwood)
9.12Robert Wagner1.90mOak Lawn (Community)
9.10Taelor Clements1.90mYorkville (H.S.)
9.12Alec Crum1.90mBatavia
12.11Khalil Thorps-watt1.90mCollinsville
13.12Jevon Warren1.85mCalumet City (Thornton F…
14.12Trystn West1.85mO’Fallon (H.S.)
14.11Oliver Hassard1.85mEvanston (Twp.)
16.12Ryan Schaefer1.85mGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
16.11Randy Clay1.85mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
Pole Vault 3A – Finals
1.12Tyler Petersen4.75mPRBloomington
2.12Andrew Undesser4.65mMinooka
3.11Zachary Galvicius4.65mMcHenry
4.12Esad Sengun4.45mSchaumburg
5.11Gavin Schaer4.45mElmhurst (York)
6.11Sean Mullen4.45mGrayslake (Central)
7.11Noah Misukonis4.30mBloomington
7.12Kyle Eppenstein4.30mPlainfield (South)
9.11Heath Hawkins4.30mPekin
10.12Andrew Tumminaro4.15mDeKalb
11.12Ethan Stukenburg4.15mEdwardsville
Long Jump 3A – Finals
1.10Parrish Hartley6.96m (0.0)Chicago (Kenwood)
2.12Ryan Schaefer6.83m (0.0)SRGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
3.12Jaden Turner6.80m (0.0)Gurnee (Warren)
4.12James Ammenhauser6.78m (0.0)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
5.10Kwabena Osei-Yeboah6.73m (0.0)Oak Park (O.P.-River For…
6.11Dedrick Richardson …6.69m (0.0)Frankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
7.12Robert Wagner6.68m (0.0)Oak Lawn (Community)
8.12Brody Squires6.64m (0.0)Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)
9.12Avaion Strickland6.62m (0.0)Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais)
10.12Lance Somerfield6.54m (0.0)Orland Park (Sandburg)
11.12Adam Beasley6.51m (0.0)Bloomington
12.11Jalien Shegog6.50m (0.0)Aurora (Metea Valley)
13.12DeAndre Neely6.45m (0.0)Grayslake (North)
14.10Joshua Hill6.43m (0.0)Crete (C.-Monee)
15.11Vince Davero6.38m (0.0)Downers Grove (North)
16.12Alec Crum6.37m (0.0)Batavia
17.12Joey Burke6.37m (0.0)Tinley Park (Andrew)
18.12Deandre Kelly6.36m (0.0)South Holland (Thornwood)
19.11Eric McClain6.30m (0.0)Lombard (Glenbard East)
20.10Jaydon Cole6.30m (0.0)Edwardsville
21.9Maxwell Warner6.29m (0.0)Chicago (Whitney Young)
22.12Ethan McCarter6.17m (0.0)DeKalb
23.12Terry Mcherron6.12m (0.0)Palos Heights (Shepard)
24.12Kolin Turner6.11m (0.0)Chicago Heights (Bloom T…
25.12Myles Kye6.00m (0.0)Evanston (Twp.)
26.9Troy Garner5.89m (0.0)Chicago Heights (Bloom T…
27.10Keith Cyracus5.76m (0.0)Plainfield (North)
28.12Dawayne Evans5.62m (0.0)Elgin (H.S.)
Triple Jump 3A – Finals
1.11Malik Allen14.87m (0.0)PREdwardsville
2.11Vince Davero14.43m (0.0)PRDowners Grove (North)
3.10Gino Montgomery14.09m (0.0)PREdwardsville
4.12Will DiSessa13.94m (0.0)PRLaGrange (Lyons)
5.12James Ammenhauser13.88m (0.0)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
6.11Enoch Appiah-Kubi13.73m (0.0)PRWilmette (Loyola Academy)
7.11Vince Scott13.68m (0.0)Hampshire
8.12Benedict Lissa13.56m (0.0)East Moline (United)
9.11Jalien Shegog13.46m (0.0)Aurora (Metea Valley)
10.12TaShawn Ruffin13.43m (0.0)Bloomington
11.12Samuel Opawuyi13.41m (0.0)Chicago (St. Ignatius Co…
12.10Jaden Royal13.35m (0.0)Villa Park (Willowbrook)
13.12Uche Ezeigwe13.28m (0.0)Frankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
14.12Aaron McIntyre13.28m (0.0)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
15.12DeAndre Neely13.24m (0.0)Grayslake (North)
16.12Jared Dawkins13.12m (0.0)Zion (Z.-Benton)
17.11Luke Benson13.02m (0.0)Glen Ellyn (Glenbard Wes…
18.9Maxwell Warner12.97m (0.0)Chicago (Whitney Young)
19.11Kwame Amoo-Otoo12.97m (0.0)Plainfield (North)
20.11Ehi Ogbomo12.97m (0.0)Plainfield (East)
21.12Alec Crum12.94m (0.0)Batavia
22.11Savoy Howard12.91m (0.0)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
23.12Jalen Lewis12.90m (0.0)Oswego (East)
24.12Luke Holtmeier12.86m (0.0)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
25.11Jamari Straughter12.83m (0.0)Joliet (Central)
26.10Tray Herron12.83m (0.0)Summit (Argo)
27.11Shamar Allwood12.78m (0.0)Hampshire
28.11Luke Alwin12.70m (0.0)Batavia
29.12Terry Mcherron12.61m (0.0)Palos Heights (Shepard)
30.12Nik Cardillo12.54m (0.0)Plainfield (North)
31.12Malachi Arzu12.50m (0.0)Harvey (Thornton)
32.11Dedrick Richardson …12.41m (0.0)Frankfort (Lincoln-Way E…