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WCIA — Highlights and scores from high school sports on Tuesday night including St. Joseph-Ogden volleyball’s straight set win over Unity and Centennial’s come from behind victory against rival Central. Also, video from the Class 1A Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin boys’ golf regional.


St. Joseph-Ogden def. Unity 25-23, 25-12

Centennial def. Central 19-25, 25-20, 25-22


Class 1A Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin Regional at Harrison Park:

Team scores

1 Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 345
2 Danville (Schlarman) 349
3 Fithian (Oakwood) 368
4 Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin) 390
5 Catlin (Salt Fork) 401
6 Westville 411
7 Fisher 415
8 Cissna Park 424
9 Hoopeston (H. Area) 431

Advancing teams

Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley)

Connor Birky (Sr.) 75
Matt Hunt (Sr.) 87
Cole Maxey (Jr.) 91
Braden Roesch (So.) 105
Bryce Boundy (Jr.) 92
Connor Engel (Fr.) 113

Danville (Schlarman)

Gabe Huddleston (So.) 79
Mark Lucas (Jr.) 88
Rance Bryant (So.) 91
Jeff Christison (Jr.) 91
Jack Girouard (So.) 100
Andy Craig (So.) 109

Fithian (Oakwood)

Ryan Hicks (Sr.) 91
Logan Hoshauer (So.) 81
Reed Sperry (So.) 94
Travis Goodner (So.) 102
Seth Halls (So.) 128
1Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley)3452Danville (Schlarman)3493Fithian (Oakwood)3684Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)3905Catlin (Salt Fork)4016Westville4117Fisher4158Cissna Park4249Hoopeston (H. Area)431Connor Birky (Sr.)75Matt Hunt (Sr.)87Cole Maxey (Jr.)91Braden Roesch (So.)105Bryce Boundy (Jr.)92Connor Engel (Fr.)113Gabe Huddleston (So.)79Mark Lucas (Jr.)88Rance Bryant (So.)91Jeff Christison (Jr.)91Jack Girouard (So.)100Andy Craig (So.)109Ryan Hicks (Sr.)91Logan Hoshauer (So.)81Reed Sperry (So.)94Travis Goodner (So.)102Seth Halls (So.)128


Duane Nelson (Sr.) Urbana (University) 73

Advancing individuals

Duane Nelson (Sr.) Urbana (University) 73
Nick Pinter (Sr.) Westville 74
Payton Grimsley (Jr.) St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) 83
Kevin Clapp (Jr.) Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin) 84
Izaiah Lusk (So.) Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin) 86
Noah Eyman (So.) Champaign (St. Thomas More) 87
Jake Kerns (Jr.) Fisher 88
Adam Rose (Sr.) St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) 95
Brody Althaus (So.) Catlin (Salt Fork) 95
Keegan Roark (Sr.) Hoopeston (H. Area) 94
Duane Nelson (Sr.)Urbana (University)73Duane Nelson (Sr.)Urbana (University)73Nick Pinter (Sr.)Westville74Payton Grimsley (Jr.)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)83Kevin Clapp (Jr.)Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)84Izaiah Lusk (So.)Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)86Noah Eyman (So.)Champaign (St. Thomas More)87Jake Kerns (Jr.)Fisher88Adam Rose (Sr.)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)95Brody Althaus (So.)Catlin (Salt Fork)95Keegan Roark (Sr.)Hoopeston (H. Area)94
1Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley)345
2Danville (Schlarman)349
3Fithian (Oakwood)368
4Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)390
5Catlin (Salt Fork)401
8Cissna Park424
9Hoopeston (H. Area)431
Connor Birky (Sr.)75
Matt Hunt (Sr.)87
Cole Maxey (Jr.)91
Braden Roesch (So.)105
Bryce Boundy (Jr.)92
Connor Engel (Fr.)113
Gabe Huddleston (So.)79
Mark Lucas (Jr.)88
Rance Bryant (So.)91
Jeff Christison (Jr.)91
Jack Girouard (So.)100
Andy Craig (So.)109
Ryan Hicks (Sr.)91
Logan Hoshauer (So.)81
Reed Sperry (So.)94
Travis Goodner (So.)102
Seth Halls (So.)128
Duane Nelson (Sr.)Urbana (University)73
Duane Nelson (Sr.)Urbana (University)73
Nick Pinter (Sr.)Westville74
Payton Grimsley (Jr.)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)83
Kevin Clapp (Jr.)Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)84
Izaiah Lusk (So.)Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)86
Noah Eyman (So.)Champaign (St. Thomas More)87
Jake Kerns (Jr.)Fisher88
Adam Rose (Sr.)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)95
Brody Althaus (So.)Catlin (Salt Fork)95
Keegan Roark (Sr.)Hoopeston (H. Area)94

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