Future Soldier: Westville’s Wright joins Army

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WESTVILLE (WCIA) — Gaige Wright’s definition of fun is different than most.

“I’m joining to jump out of airplanes pretty much,” the Westville senior said.

Fortunately for Wright, he’s found just the profession for his thrills. In April, the Westville running back and linebacker signed a contract to join the Army. He ships off for basic training in June.

“I’ve wanted to do the Marines and then I got talked into doing the Army because my dad was a Marine,” he said.

According to Tigers head coach Guy Goodlove, the Army is getting quite a recruit.

“He’s a good student,” Goodlove said. “He’s a role model in the building. He knows what he wants. He knows where he’s going and it’s been a privilege to have him out here on the football field.”

Wright says much like the military, he enjoys the structure and individual contributions of football. He even remembered this year’s game against Iroquois West in which Goodlove’s criticisms felt a lot like a drill sargeant.

“Against Iroquois West I wasn’t feeling so good,” Wright said. “So I didn’t play that well and I got my butt ripped for it.”

“Gaige is coachable,” Goodlove added. “He has a great attitude. He works hard. He has the ability to be critiqued.” 

This week’s mission will be defeating Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin. The Blue Devils were the last team to beat the Tigers in the regular season back in 2015. 

“It just so happens that these last several years, the road to the conference championship has gone through Bismarck,” Goodlove said. “We understand that, we know if we want to lay claim to the VVC championship, we’ve got to win Friday night.”

“We have everything to lose and the other teams don’t really have anything to lose,” said Wright. “We have to fight hard, harder than anybody else for the game.”

Just another battle for one soon-to-be soldier.

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