EFFINGHAM (WCIA) — St. Anthony softball is taking the word ‘family’ seriously. The Bulldogs have four sets of sisters on the team this season, meaning they could nearly field an entire starting lineup with just siblings. Ava and Anna Faber, Kallie and Kenzie Kabbes, Maddie and Sydney Kibler, Cameran and Adysen Rios make the Bulldogs a family affair.

“I feel like we’re always on the same wavelength and we’re always together with everything,” Maddie Kibler said.

“Whenever I’m not doing so well, she’s the first one I always come to like what am I doing wrong, can you help me through this,” Sydney Kibler said.

“It’s so fun coming out here and even though they’re sisters at home, out here they’re teammates,” St. Anthony head coach Makayla Walsh said.

To make it even more fun, the Kibler twins bat one-two in the lineup and also make up the battery, with Sydney pitching and Maddie catching.

“When I’m catching her it’s something special,” Maddie Kibler said. “It’s different because I see her all the time. I always see what she’s doing wrong and when she doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong she always comes up to me.”

“Whenever she does something good, I always push myself to be 10 times better than her and vice versa and I think that goes with each set of siblings,” Sydney Kibler added.

For the Rios’, it’s not always about competition. Junior Cameran and her little sister Adysen like to have a lot of fun on the field as well.

“When I mess up I always try to go to her for advice and she always helps me,” Adysen Rios said.

“I actually love having Adysen play with me because it’s another person I can joke around with especially since we’ve always been together we’ve always practiced together,” Cameran Rios said. “So it’s nothing different being on the field except now it’s like competing for a spot, which is even more fun.”

Adysen likes to play middle infield like her sister but moved to the outfield in order to get into the lineup this season. All of the sisters feel a connection to not only their siblings but the team as well.

“We all have a special sister bond with each other,” Maddie Kibler added. “We all know how to interact with each other and it’s just something special.”

After making it to state last year in Class 1A, they’re hoping the sisterhood can help them get back to Peoria this season, but the road will be harder to get there with the Bulldogs playing up in Class 2A.