Fleener’s weekend

High School Sports

WCIA — Did anyone have a better weekend than Justin and Chris Fleener? One won his 4th state championship, the other won a sectional for the first time in 77 years for his school.

Teutopolis head coach, Justin, beat Pleasant Plains 12-6 to capture his 4th 2A baseball state title.

Chris, Effingham’s head coach, beat Glenwood 4-2 to win the Flaming Hearts first baseball sectional since 1942.

“I’m happy for him, very happy for him to get a big win today. We’ll be cheering them on for a little bit now hopefully,” Justin said. “I just feel like I owe a lot to the kids out here. We try to put them into positions where they can have some success and the boys go out and make the plays.”

“You always want to have a goal of trying to get as far as you can but as the season’s been progressing here towards the end we knew we had some guys that could step up and do some stuff,” Chris said. “Obviously we got enough, we feel like we’ve got some good arms on the team and our pitchers have stepped up here towards the end and really started throwing the ball real well.”

Chris and the Flaming Hearts face Waterloo at 4:00 p.m. on Monday in Sauget.

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