URBANA (WCIA) — Imagine golfing every day for a year. Well, for one Indiana native golfer, he’s doing more than that to break a world record. Patrick Koenig stopped by at Atkins Golf Club in Urbana earlier this week. He’s been traveling across the country to try and set the new record for courses played in a year.

“When the putt drops on 450, I’ll be a world record holder, but my goal was to do 500 so that’s another milestone I get to look forward to and then I’m not going to stop,” Koenig said.

Patrick Koenig is nearly halfway to his goal. Sitting at 229, he is nearly half way there to breaking the 449 record set 13 years ago, but he doesn’t want to just beat it, he wants to set it at 500.

“I love golf courses and I love golf and so that’s why I’m doing this first off, but it was also to do something that nobody else in the history of time has ever done,” Koenig said.

In 2018, Koenig quit his job to travel the world as a golf course photographer. Using his own money, he got an RV to make his dream happen. That’s when he got a new idea to break the world record of courses played in a year.

“I was aware that the world record existed towards the end of that tour and it always kind of bugged me that I didn’t have that record,” Koenig said. “I was like well 2.0 we can set it.”

That’s when the new RV came into play. That’s how he travels across the country to make his dreams a reality. Koenig gets invited to the courses and keeps a token of each place to proudly display in the RV.

“Each one of these is a story to me,” Koenig said. “I’ve played this golf course with interesting people and it’s an interesting place and so each one of those is one round of golf.”

Koenig gets the opportunity to play at courses where some of the best of the best have played, but golfing like a champion can have its costs. Decked out in sponsorship logos to help him accomplish the world record, Patrick has also raised 16 thousand dollars to First Tee, an organization that helps kids get into golf.

“I’ve had a marvelous life because of golf and that’s kind of paying it forward,” Koenig said. “These kids get the opportunity to get involved, learn some of the life lessons that golf will teach you, some patience, perseverance, stuff like that.”

While that’s one of the reasons he is on this journey, Patrick also take photos of the courses he visits, documenting each day with over 118 thousand followers on social media. With over 200 more courses to go, Patrick says he’s not ready for the journey to end.

“This will be an experience and something I’ll remember forever,” Koenig said. “You’ll make friends and people and stories and that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.”

Koenig has already been to 14 states this year, beginning in California on January 3. He plans to go to Finland, where his sponsorship is based to play at courses there, before traveling back to the United States. He’s still accepting course invites for the rest of the year.