CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — His name may not be the easiest to pronounce but Plamedie Ibinimion is quickly making a name for himself at Centennial, even if most of his teammates just call him ‘PI’. The junior has stormed onto the scene this season for the Chargers, after playing football for the first time last season.

“Everybody just calls me PI,” Ibinimion joked.

“We kind of sought him out, but he had been interested in it,” Centennial head coach Kyle Jackson said. “People had been talking to him. He’s a stud, and he’s one of our best athletes.”

“We knew he was going to come in and be our speed type guy,” Centennial junior quarterback Kellen Davis said. “He’s taken that to the next level now.”

Ibinimion has turned into a go-to target this fall, using his track speed to help him rack up nearly 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the first three games. It’s a big improvement from where he was this time last year.

“It was my first time, it was a lot of stuff thrown at me,” Ibinimion said. “I had to really learn everything from the beginning. Last year I was not comfortable, I didn’t know what I was doing. This year I know what I’m doing, I’m more comfortable.”

And familiarity with his QB has helped PI make strides in the second year as the Chargers look to improve to 4-0 for the second straight season.

“He’s been my boy for the longest,” Davis said about Ibinimion. “We grew up together, going to middle school and all that. We definitely have a great connection with each other.”

“We worked on it all summer,” Ibinimion said. “It’s translating now but we’ve been working on this since July.”

Centennial will look to keep crosstown rival on its toes in the Friday Football Fever Spotlight Game of the Week, as PI looks to teach more and more people the name Ibinimion.