Face of the Race: Kevin’s Story


For more than forty years, Kevin Andrews has loved to run. It is something he has done with his wife and children for decades and something he never expects to stop. When he and his wife Theresa retired in 2015, they expected to enjoy some quiet time together and to keep running. However, a surprising diagnosis Theresa received threatened to change all that. 

“We had just seen some things that were just not right. Our kids started noticing things and friends and that’s when we decided we needed to get some tests done, so after a year long of test, the Mayo Clinic officially diagnosed it as Corticobasal Syndrome.” says Kevin Andrews. 
It is a condition that impacts Theresa’s movement and cognitive function. In a little over a year, Kevin has gone from retiree to his wife’s full time caregiver. However, even through all the challenges, Kevin still intends to run the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. Running is something Kevin says helps him deal with the mental toll his wife’s condition takes. 
“I don’t know what I would do without it. There are days when I really don’t feel like running, and I kinda got to force myself out the door but once I do that, I always feel better.” says Andrews. 
Now, thanks to his continued motivation to run, Kevin is looking forward to having his family cheer him on at the Illinois Marathon in April. 

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