CHARLESTON (WCIA) — Eastern Illinois kicked off their home opener against Chattanooga. Eastern Illinois got the first points of the game, getting a field goal early.

Motts Preston Hutchinson ran for 20 yards in the first quarter for a touchdown to take the lead 7-3. Eastern Illinois retaliated with quarterback Jonah O’Brien passing 31 yards to sophomore Nile Hill for the touchdown. Panthers took the lead going into the second quarter. Chattanooga has the lead at halftime, winning 14-10.

In the second half, Preston Hutchinson threw to Javin Whatley, who breaks through the pack and runs it all the way in for a touchdown. Motts extend their lead 21-10.

Panthers adding three more points with a field goal, but Motts Hutchinson on the ball, hands it off to Ailym Ford for his second touchdown of the night. He’s has 20 carries on the night.

Panthers not giving up, O’Brien throws to tight end Anthony Manaves, but it’s going to be taken back for a holding penalty. O’Brien threw for 183 yards. O’Brien doesn’t worry, finding D. Smith in the endzone for a touchdown. Panthers trail by 8 going into the fourth quarter.

Motts pull ahead in the fourth quarter extending their lead with a field goal and touchdown. They win 38-20.