Dre Brown staying in sports by helping the next generation


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Fast. Agile. Nimble.

Former Illini Dre Brown broke out last season for the football team and was known for his quick feet. Now, he uses them to help others pick up their own speed.

“The fastest way to get fast is to run fast, and that’s what we do here,” says Brown.

The former running back started as a trainer at the PreGame Sports Complex in Monticello in September. He noticed the new facility being built after moving to the city, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to stay involved in sports.

“Last year at this time I’d be watching film on Wisconsin or something,” said Brown in October. “Now I can just come home and relax, but I don’t do well just sitting down. So I was like, ‘Why not get involved with the community?'”

And Dre isn’t the only athlete in the family. His wife Lindsay played volleyball at Indiana Wesleyan. The power couple is imparting what they learned at such a high level of sport onto their new students.

“It’s kind of my dream to teach kids to do all the sports and be okay with not being a one sport athlete,” says Lindsay Brown. “I love the kids and how crazy they are. It keeps me young. I know that I’m not that old but it keeps me young for sure.”

Lindsay and Dre teach classes a few times a week and see dozens of kids from third grade all the way up to high school. Brown is working at a bank in Champaign but is still hoping for a call from the NFL. For now he and Lindsay are happy helping out and passing down what they learned in their careers.

“This is literally the first time we’ve ever done this and the turnout has been so amazing,” says Lindsay. “We’re just anxious, excited, and ready for the next.”

“To kind of be around kids and be around sports, it’s like, ‘Why wouldn’t we do this?’,” says Dre. “Instead of sitting at home and watching Netflix or something.”

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