(WCIA) — Illini forward Coleman Hawkins has a few more days to make a decision on if he’ll stay in the NBA draft or return to college basketball. He declared for the draft back in March.

Hawkins was invited to a NBA combine in Chicago. He recently was working out with the Golden State Warriors. With the deadline approaching to back out of the draft or stay, Hawkins says he wants to make sure he has a little more confirmation from a team before he misses his chances to return to college basketball.

“You know I’m at the point where I’m just getting feedback and trying to play it by the ear, kind of want to hear from a team that’s really interested in me,” Hawkins said. “Not necessarily saying getting confirmation that they’re going to draft me, but at least getting a little, feeling a little more comfortable by myself of getting drafted so that’s kind of where I’m at.”

The deadline to decide is Wednesday, May 31.