Danville Dans set new home run record


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — During Eric Coleman’s six year run as Danville Dans manager, his team’s modus operandi has been speed, speed, speed. While the Dans are still flying around the bases, they’re also sending balls flying over the fence. Danville broke its franchise record for home runs in a season, in the first 33 games.

“It’s pretty fun, it’s pretty fun. There’s been some home runs that have gone pretty far and some distance, ” says Coleman. “But it’s a good group and I’m glad they’re on my side, not the opponent.”

The Dans set their old record of 40, only two seasons ago. This year’s team has a different make up than years past, with power up and down the lineup.

“I think legit 1-9. I think every guy in our lineup right now can probably put one out of the yard whenever they want,” says Craig Kuechel.

“I didn’t like the way we were last summer,” says Coleman. “We were top-heavy, our bottom guys didn’t really do it. But I think offensively now, I think we really fire on all cylinders, and we really do have an explosive ball club.”

The players come from all over the country to play with the Dans, who are ranked in the top 15 in all of the collegiate summer baseball teams.
For the team home run leader, Brad Powers, it’s more than he could have imagined.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s almost a friendly competition between your teammates,” says Powers. “If you have a bad night you know your teammates are gonna pick you up, and they have your back and same vice versa, if they have a bad day you can pick them up. So it’s a lot of fun really.”

The Prospect League record is 76 in one season, set by Chillicothe in 2012.
If they keep their current pace, Danville will be close to breaking that record.

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