CHARLESTON (WCIA) — It’s been 11 years since Charleston got their first playoff win, beating Freeburg 27-24 in overtime over the weekend. Now, the Trojans are heading into their second playoff game this weekend against Murphysboro. It’s their first time making it to the second round of playoffs since 2012.

Under head coach Brian Halsey, the Trojans are 8-2 overall this season and looking to keep their 3 game win streak alive heading into Saturday.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been in this position and it’s great for our community, great for our school, and most importantly good for our kids,” Halsey said.

“It means a lot to change the culture around here,” Charleston quarterback Luke Bonnstetter said. “I mean for the last decade, Charleston’s kind of been known as a losing football school and it means a lot that we can be the team that can finally change the culture around moving forward.”