Brotherly Love: GCMS trio of siblings lead Falcons into season


GIBSON CITY (WCIA) — Seventeen seniors graduated from last year’s Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley state title team. That means a new group of seniors are in place to lead the Falcons and three of the four captains have something in common.

“I want them to have fun,” GCMS head coach Mike Allen said. “We made a conscious effort a couple years ago to say we want to have fun in the program. I want those guys to come in and not feel the pressure.”

Cade Elliott, Payton Kean and Keegan Kutemeier are three of the four Falcons captains this year but they’re not only leading the underclassmen, they’re also leading their younger brothers. All three have siblings suiting up on the field with them this season.

“He’s three years younger so it’s still kind of a bigger age gap but we still talk about football and baseball and basketball all the time,” Keegan Kutemeier said about his younger brother Mason.

“I like it,” Cade Elliott said about having his little brother Austin on the team. “It just makes that bond that much better, at home and on the field. He really does his own thing when he’s out here. We don’t play the same position so I don’t really see him that much at practice.”

“I think it’s really cool because it means we’re spending that much more time together and working towards the same goal on the same team,” Payton Kean said about his sophomore brother Braylon.

That goal is another state championship, but as with most brothers, they don’t always see eye to eye.

“He (Braylon) really likes the Fortnite and all the video games and stuff and I’m more of a go out and be with my friends all over the place kind of guy.”

“There’s a lot more fights,” Keegan Kutemeier joked. “He likes to argue a lot. He likes to yell a lot.”

“Off the field it’s not much football talk,” Payton Kean added. “It’s more what Keegan said, it’s more fights and usual brother stuff.”

The Falcons are hoping some brotherly love brings them another successful season and it all starts Friday night against Ford Co. rival Paxton-Buckley-Loda in the season opener and Friday Football Fever Spotlight Game of the Week.

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