CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Illinois men’s basketball head coach Brad Underwood is excited to bring in another player to the 2022 class. Underwood says Zacharie Perrin can bring versatility to the program.

The 6’10”, 220 pound forward from France emerged on the scene last summer when making the French U18 national team. Underwood says it’s a long process to recruit internationally and they have to talk to NBA scouts and lots of coaches to learn about international player’s characters. Underwood says Perrin will have to adapt to the culture and language, but says he’s excited to see what the forward can do when he gets to Illinois in August.

“He’s an outstanding player,” Brad Underwood said. “He’s very young, which is exciting to see his success against older players and his move up through the amateur ranks. A guy again who I think his versatility, Zach is a guy that can step out and shoot it. He’s grown a lot here in the last couple years so his body’s changed.”

He went on to say he wants Perrin to train with the strength and conditioning coach Adam Fletcher, to hopefully gain about 15 more pounds. Perrin will arrive to Illinois in August after playing in turkey for the Fiba U18 European Championships.