CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Illinois basketball looking to get a second win at home tomorrow night against University of Missouri Kansas City. While the Illini are mostly new faces, fans will get to see a lot of returners on the court.

Before the game the Illini will have a Big Ten Conference regular season champs banner raised. Illinois head coach Brad Underwood says Trent Frazier, Kofi Cockburn and some more of the 2021-2022 team will be in house. Underwood says he wants his team to see this moment and continue to strive for more banners.

“I hope the building’s filled when we do this,” Illinois head coach Brad Underwood said. “I hope it’s a little different from last year. I hope it’s full. I hope our guys get to see that and experience that nd I really don’t care if our guys are tired of hearing about Trent, they got a lot of season left, they’re going to hear about him a lot more. It means so much to me to have those guys want to come back for this. and be a part of that. It shows their love for this place and the program.”

The Illini tip off at 8:00 p.m. Friday night.