BIG 10 decision affecting local businesses


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)- The BIG 10 has decided to postpone fall sports, and many think of hotels, restaurants, and bars being affected by a lack of Illini fans. But, we spoke with a screen-printing clothing company, and the owner Cam Wallace said this is going to hurt. “We’ve been around 45 years, and so we’ve seen highs and lows, but this is just one of the lowest lows that we’ve had so we just kind of go with the flow” Stan’s Sportsworld in champaign has sold U of I promotional products and clothes in the past, such as shirts for football and basketball. When sports seasons roll around, it’s their prime sales time. But with the BIG 10 postponing fall sports, their pockets could take a huge hit.

“There’s so much revenue a through the university that football gives to them, which then is a trickle-down effect if they start cutting sports would be huge for us,” said Wallace.
Bars and restaurants near campus also depend on revenue from fans. One of them is the restaurant, “Cracked.” Manager Demarlo Hatchett tells said football brings in a lot of customers.
“Football does bring a lot of customers and basketball you know since they’re a D1 school a lot of people come out of there. Sometimes they have sold out stadiums, and so after the games we”ll still be open, and you know they won’t be able to come because it’s like no games and stuff so it would make a little nervous,” said Demarlo.

With so much uncertainty in the college sports world. Cracked is considering new marketing tactics to help themselves and other businesses. “I want to make a flyer sheet and start sending it out to apartment buildings apartment complexes because I know it’s a lot of them that just got built this year so I would want to send out stuff like that and have all the small businesses on it,” said Hatchett. Both those businesses also hope that the Champaign Urbana area realizes the importance of supporting local businesses.

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