LAKE FOREST, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) –The Bears offense has only one way to go after it’s failing performance against the Packers last Thursday night….that’s up.

Mitch Trubisky has a lot of room for improvement. Throwing 26 of 45 for 228 yards sounds more like numbers coming from a rookie, but no, they were Bears’ quarterback Mitch Trubisky’s stats in that loss. What made things worse was having an extra long weekend to think about their rough start to their season.

“Three days to really dwell on it, which you’re not supposed to but you try to get back into the film room, watch it right away, take care of your body, bounce back and prepare for the next week as much as you can,” said Trubisky Wednesday during his weekly press conference at Halas Hall.

It’s Trubisky’s second year in Nagy’s system, but it’s Nagy who’s taking the blame on Trubisky not properly reading defenses and running RPO’s.

“I as a head coach need to be able to live with that,” said Nagy. “I think what I also need to be able to understand is as we go here, we’d love to get to a point where we’re really thinking exactly the same way as far as situationally, something like that on a third and one. Even if it is grey, maybe you do this, maybe you do that.”

Nagy and Trubisky hope to get their run game going this Sunday, but with Broncos head coach Vic Fangio’s familiarity with their offense they don’t want to focus on any one guy.

“We want to be a balanced offense,” said Trubisky. “We want to be a balanced attack and we’ve got so many weapons, we don’t want the defenses to key in on one guy. For me, it’s just finding the open guy within each play call, within each progression and trusting that and trusting that our coaches are game planning to put us in the best position to win.”

With so much negativity surrounding the Bears’ first game, players say there are still some positives. The biggest being they have room for improvement. Trubisky says everything that went wrong last week is fixable.

“On a lot of those plays it’s just really close, and we had some really simple, simple things that went wrong. Some of it just flat-out bad luck, some of it [was] bad communication… it’s a game of inches, we just missed by inches.”