(WTVO/WQRF) — The Bears offense was historically bad in many ways Sunday against the Saints. Unfortunately it’s not a case of one bad game. The offense has failed to produce 300 yards once this season through six games.

I’m no coach, and I’m the first to admit I’d be in way over my head if I were ever handed a headset and plunked down on a sideline at any level of football, but I do have a few suggestions for what the Bears could try on offense to perhaps improve things.

One, go up-tempo. Mitch Trubisky and this offense always seem to be more effective when the Bears do that. A faster pace might also help Trubisky and the run game develop more of a rhythm. Plus I believe if you’re going to go down to defeat go down being aggressive. A faster pace would put more pressure on opposing defenses.

Two, use more spread formations with four receiver sets. We saw a lot more of this last year than we’re seeing this year. The spread would spread out defenses which should help the run game.

Three, stick with the run. Sure it’s going to look ugly a lot of the time, but eventually you’ll pop a few plays and that will build confidence in the line, the backs, the entire offense and it’ll force defenses to defend you more honestly. At the very least running the ball more keeps the game clock running which shortens the game meaning the Bears’ defense would spend less time on the field getting ‘gassed.’

Four, have Trubisky run the ball more. That was the Bears’ best offensive weapon last year. This year he’s not running. If he takes a hit and gets injured again so be it. You can’t play this game scared. (Not that he shouldn’t slide or duck out of bounds when he’s about to get hit.)

Five, play Javon Wims more. Every time he gets a chance he makes plays and at 6’4 he gives Trubisky a big target, and with that size he’ll have a chance to win some 50-50 balls that aren’t completely accurate.

Will any of these ideas work? Possibly, possibly not, but it’s time for this offense to try something new.