LAKE FOREST, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — It isn’t easy being a professional athlete in Chicago. With it comes harsh criticism. The Bears are getting a lot of it because of their four-game losing streak. They Bears have heard enough of it. They’ve taken measures into their own hands to try to tune it out.

Mitch Trubisky’s method for tuning it out….”Trying to get some of these TV’s in the building turned off ’cause you got too many people on TV talkin’ about us and what they think about us,” said Trubisky at his weekly Wednesday press conference. “What we should do, what we are and what we’re not.”

From television, to social media… players are doing their best to keep the negativity out of Halas Hall.

“Me, personally? Stay off your phone,” said receiver Taylor Gabriel. “Stay off social media but at the same time, that’s hard to do. You know what I mean? Because nowadays everybody’s on social media. People are going to have their opinion on everything and it’s just overcoming those things.”

With tuning out the noise, also comes the mental challenge of staying positive despite a 4-game losing steak, of course. Guys in the locker room say it’s especially important to see it coming from a leader like Trubisky.

“Just the attitude that he brings to the locker room just because of the things that are going on,” said Gabriel. “The outside noise that’s going on, it can be tough. You know what I mean? To come back and work and look at your brothers, but he always has a positive attitude about things and that’s what I love about him.”

The negativity stems from all sides of the ball for Chicago. From an offense that had only nine total yards in the first half of last week’s Eagles game to a defense that continues to only show flashes of success, the Bears say there’s nobody who wants to figure out the ‘Why’ behind this season’s mess, more than they do.

“You try to find every answer that you can and you stay as positive as you can, and I think that’s the beauty of all this,” said heady coach Matt Nagy. “There’s a silver lining. There really is and people can say it’s cliche and they can say it sounds good, but I fully with all my heart… believe that, and I don’t know when it’s going to happen. It’s somewhere.”