#1 Nebraska takes down Illini on Illi-NOISE night


CHAMPAIGN — Illinois volleyball hosted #1 Nebraska Wednesday night for Illi-NOISE night. The Huskers swept the Illini 3-0.

“I thought offensively we did some nice things. It was defensively, we didn’t execute with the first thing to serve us – wise. They’re a very good passing team and it was tough for us to get into a system when they really got going in the middle of the court. They’d leave us with a hole and that put a lot of pressure on us, and we started to get out of things, kind of in a little bit of a scramble,” head coach Kevin Hambly said after the game.
“We came into this match feeling confident in what our game plan was and I think we just misexecuted a little bit,” sophomore Jordyn Poulter said.

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