March Madness Tickets proving hard to come by

Illini Nation

Illini fans showed out in Indianapolis at the Big Ten championship on Sunday.

One fan said “stepping into the arena and hearing that first I-L-L chant” gave her goosebumps. “We’ve all been at home just yelling at our tv’s, but hearing everyone else and remembering that feeling just made it so special.”

But it’ll be harder for them to show out when the NCAA tournament starts on Friday. The university was given 350 tickets, but many of them were reserved for players’ and coach’s families.

“By the time we start factoring in all their families and the amount of tickets we have, it makes it hard to be able to have any leftovers,” the Illini Ticket Office’s Jason Heggemeyer said.

With the demand for tickets also being higher than ever, the lowest prices for Friday’s game against Drexel start at $600.

Deanna Woodard has been a lifelong fan and donor to the university. She says she’s been actively trying to score some, but hasn’t had much luck.

“It’s a smaller facility so there’ll be less people. I understand that, but boy would I love to go. But if not, we’ll be cheering regardless. Hopefully we’ll be loud enough for them to hear us anyway.”

The ticket office said while getting tickets to Friday’s game will be difficult, there may be some more opportunities further down the line depending on how far the Illini advance.

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