PANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Known as the City of Roses, Pana has several places that not only make it unique, but are some of the reasons why people there call it home.

Every town has its own history, and Pana even has its own museum. Before the city got its official name in 1857, it was known as Stone Coal Precinct. The discovery of coal is what put the town on the map, and made the population double in less than a decade.

The town is also home of the Lincoln Prairie Trail. It stretches 15 miles from Pana to Taylorville. It took 12 years to finish.

Another important piece of Pana also helps people across the county. The Community Mission Center moved to its current spot in downtown. They collect donations of just about anything, and give them to people in need for free.

Dogs also have a spot in the town. Construction for he only dog park there, the June Clark Chaney Park, started last spring. It officially opened last November.