Pana, Ill. (WCIA)

The Autism and Movement Project in Our Town Pana is making a difference in the lives of kids with autism and other special needs.

AAMP specializes in Autism Movement Therapy– or AMT– and can improve behavior, speech, as well as motor and social skills.

The learning center hosts classes focusing on dancing, social games, art projects and team building.

AAMP Owner, Erica Matthews, says she works with dozens of families in the Pana area and is also focusing on helping adult students gain independence.

“I opened in 2012 with six students and now I serve over 70 in all surrounding communities. The ones that iI had in the beginning are now adults and I realized that there’s not a lot for my individuals once they get out of high school.”

Matthews created AAMP’s jumpstart program to help older students learn skills such as cooking, cleaning, filling out job applications, and maintaining proper hygiene.

The program’s goal is to help students find success in college and in future employment opportunities. 

To learn more about AAMP’s class schedule, click HERE to visit their website.