Pana, Ill. (WCIA).

When driving through Central Illinois, there’s no signifier you’ve made it to Our Town Pana quite like the giant hand pointing you to Joe Coleman’s Corvette Shed.

In some ways, pulling onto Coleman’s street feels similar to a trek down Route 66.

An eclectic mix of gas and tire signs jet from his turf and nestled among them is none other than a Big Boy statue next to a giant nutcracker.

Coleman has lived in Pana his whole life, but that doesn’t mean he’s never left his small town.

Coleman runs his own salvage and demolition business and his career choice has greatly influenced his passion for collecting.

“We travel a lot for work, so we run across a lot of different stuff all over the United States,” Coleman says. “And it ends up here.”

His corvette shed might be every car lovers dream– it’s a massive space for Coleman to tinker with dozens of cars– but there’s more than just cars here. His collection includes signs, salvaged art, bikes, an old church bell, and antique toys for his grandkids.

Coleman also uses the ballroom space in his shed for events including weddings and political fundraisers.

And if you ask him what his guests typically think the first time they set foot under his big chandeliers he’ll say:

“I don’t know. Some of them’s amazed and some of them’s got a lot more stuff than I got.”