Mahomet, Ill. (WCIA).

One Mahomet relationship coach is not only healing families, she’s bringing peace to her community.

Adi Puckett is the force behind Root to Branches, a ministry aimed at helping people repair their relationships judgment free.

“When I look at trees I just think about how just from one little seed, all these beautiful things just happen,” says Puckett. “And the environment that surrounds these trees really plays a part in how well or how well they do not thrive. So watching that reminds me a lot of who we are as people.”

Puckett’s passion for loving others is displayed throughout her faith-based books, Unself Confidence: Loving Yourself Enough to Trust God and Graciously Diverse.

Most recently, she’s led diversity and inclusion workshops with Village of Mahomet employees, advocating for a moderate approach in today’s social climate surrounding race.

“If I can put us all on the same playing field that’s going to help so much,” says Puckett. “Because I want our police officers to be able to see the human being behind the crime. And I want the citizens of Mahomet to see the human being under the uniform.”

To schedule an appointment with Adi or view her books, visit the Root to Branches website HERE.