Organization takes the “dis” out of “disability”

Our Town 2019 - Charleston

CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — An organization in Coles County made it their mission to expand opportunities for people with disabilities.

2019 marks 50 years that group has successfully served its purpose.

CCAR Industries helps people of all different ages, and all different capabilities.

They nurture them and give them a place in the community, whether or not that’s in Our Town Charleston.

“Care. Compassion. Acceptance. Respect.”

Those four words comprise the acronym CCAR industries stands for, and embody the values the organization is built upon.

“They look at each challenge as ‘what can we do to help this person meet that challenge,’ not that they’re a problem.”

Beverly Pryor.

Beverly Pryor has been personally impacted by the work of CCAR Industries.

They gave her 43-year-old daughter, who is developmentally disabled, a chance to make an impact.

“They have created a program within the center, with going out in the community some, but within the center, that meets her needs and makes her days productive. Then she’s also part of the residential program and she lives with 3 other adults in a 4 bedroom home that’s very family-like,” said Pryor.

People from all over the community, of all different ages, and all different abilities can come here and find their own niche.

CCAR does everything from job placement, to early child care, senior care, and residential help.

The people they serve, work with a smile as they plant flowers, work with packages, and help with recycling.

But people like Pryor are served too.

She says because of CCAR, her daughter can truly be a part of the family again.

“I guess it just made our whole world so much better,” said Pryor.

This year marks a major milestone for the organization.

“It was actually parent groups that started multiple services in the 50s. In 1969, they then formed CCAR industries on June 11th.” said Danielle Swango, CCAR Executive Director.

Swango says it’s amazing to think about how far they’ve come and the mark they’ve made on people in our town Charleston.

People can be a part of CCAR’s programs for decades as they progress through different phases of life.

CCAR serves people all over central Illinois.

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