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(NEXSTAR)- On this Memorial Day, people across the country will pause to honor the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

In this special edition of Newsfeed Now, we are recognizing some of the service members who fought for our country but never made it home, and recognize those who work to keep their memories alive.

Stories featured in today’s show:

Decades after a New York soldier went missing in the Korean War, family and friends finally have some type of closure.

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At the Dallas County Freedom Rock in Iowa, there’s the story of Nile Kinnick, who won the Heisman Trophy as a University of Iowa football player but was killed while serving his country.

There’s also Bob Feller, who took four years out of his Major League Baseball career to serve his country.

You may not know the story of the Wilson family of Dallas County. Five brothers served our country in World War II, but only two returned home.

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When a loved one dies in war, a flag-covered casket and 21-gun salute honor their sacrifice as the family gathers to say goodbye.

But how does it feel when someone loses a loved one to war and doesn’t get that chance because the person never comes home?

This is the painful reality for the family of Arkansas native Capt. William Earl Tatum.

Tatum died in the Battle of Tarawa, his body was left behind as the battle raged on.

After that, Capt. Tatum became lost to history.

His family never forgot him, and that’s why we’re honoring Tatum and others who paid the ultimate price and never came home.

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Footstones etched with the names and service of veterans sometimes don’t make it to their gravesites.

Over time, they pile up in funeral homes and are often forgotten about.

A group of men in Ashdown, Arkansas are making sure these stones get to their final resting place.

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In addition to remembering the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we also want to thank the men and women who are currently risking their lives for our freedom.