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(NEXSTAR) – President Joe Biden is defending his decision to end the war in Afghanistan. Tuesday was the deadline to bring U.S. Troops home and the President says he kept that promise, but Republicans on Capitol Hill want an investigation into the evacuation and are demanding that President Biden resign.

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After keeping her kids home during most of the pandemic, an Austin-area mom said it was time to get them back around friends and a learning setting. The family made the shift and enrolled their two kids under five back in child care.

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There’s a lot to be excited about for the upcoming football season at Turner High School in Kansas City, Kansas. The Golden Bears will open the season at home in a gleaming new stadium. There’s just one tiny hitch: Not enough helmets to go around.

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Kyle Bishop-Winfield Jr. has always had a lot of hair. It’s something his father who passed away in 2017 was extremely proud of. His mom Christina owns a hair salon and says the idea for a boy’s line of hair care products started with the desire to honor his dad.

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