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(NEXSTAR) – The body of missing Gabby Petito has been identified, according to FBI officials. The Teton County coroner ruled the death a homicide, but the cause of death is pending final results.

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Lawmakers in Washington agree that raising the debt limit is necessary, to prevent dire consequences to the U.S. Economy. Still, Congress is unable to come to an agreement to ensure the government can pay its debt. Democrats in the house approved a combined bill yesterday that would avoid a government shutdown and raise the debt limit, while Republican senators agree with both of those goals they said they won’t support this bill.

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Pfizer plans to seek FDA approval at the end of the month for its vaccine for kids following saying it’s safe to use for children ages 5 to 11, but that doesn’t mean parents will give the vaccine to their kids. Some school districts are trying the test and stay COVID-19 testing model.

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Ohio football referees said a controversial call at a high school game ended with them trapped inside a locker room. They have filed charges and one referee claimed that the door was barricaded with a vending machine.

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A shortage of flowers is forcing changes around the nation, including with some Myrtle Beach businesses. Florists said they are having trouble getting enough flowers for their customers.

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Whether it’s podcasts or Netflix documentaries, true crime fascinates us because it’s real. A new app lets users “virtually” see into crime scenes.

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