Zantac ban based on UI professor’s research


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — During routine testing, a UI professor’s company found something extremely unsettling in a drug that’s supposed to settle your stomach.

Several major drug stores, including CVS and Walgreen’s, just announced they’re pulling Zantac and its generics from shelves.

The decision is largely thanks to research with roots in Champaign County.

Adam Daniel Clark-Joseph co-founded Valisure, a prescription drug company which tests medicine from the inside out, making sure what you are prescribed is what you get.

They did routine testing on Zantac, scientifically known as ranitidine. It’s a common medication known to treat heartburn.

They found a significant amount of NDMA in it, a known carcinogen. Valisure sent its results to the FDA, strongly requesting a ban on Zantac.

“NDMA has been a known carcinogen, and studied heavily by scientists for decades. It’s actually used very often as a control to induce cancer in rats in clinical studies. It’s used in pesticides, rocket fuel, you absolutely do not want it in your medicine,” said Valisure co-founder David Light.

As for other co-founder Clark-Joseph, his idea to even start this company came out of his frustration with suffering from prescription mistakes.

Three separate times, the pills he took were different from the pills he was supposed to be taking.

He wanted his company to guarantee none of his customers would ever experience that.

It blows my mind that a chemistry experiment in my kitchen in Urbana has grown into something with the promise to save thousands of lives around the world.”

Adam Clark Joseph
Valisure Co-Founder/U of I professor

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