SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The State Board of Elections certified the midterm election results Monday, finalizing tabulations from November.

Overall, midterm turnout was down, being the fourth lowest turnout since 1982.

But State Board of Election spokesperson Matt Dietrich said if you remove outliers like 2018 and 1982, it’s close to several other years.

“Turnout is really about in line with what the average has been for midterm elections in Illinois,” Dietrich said. “You go year by year, and you’re going to see 49, 50, 51% in there, with a few notable exceptions.”

Courtesy: Illinois State Board of Elections

Illinois did see an increase in early and mail-in voting from previous years. While the 2020 election was a banner year for Vote by Mail and Early Voting because of the pandemic, there was nearly double the amount of people who voted by mail in 2022 compared to 2018.

“We think that most of the people who voted by mail this time around probably signed up to be on the permanent vote by mail list,” Dietrich said. “We don’t have official numbers on that yet, because we haven’t pulled all of the election authorities around the state. But early indications in early fall after the notifications for the availability of the vote by mail list were sent to voters.

Courtesy: Illinois State Board of Elections

More than 53% of voters also voted yes on Amendment 1, an amendment designed to protect organized labor rights in the state, letting it pass. The amendment is now in effect.