Polls open for Consolidated Elections

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Election Day got off to a good start in Champaign County right when the polls opened.

The county clerk said there were low early voting numbers, but it quickly shot up Tuesday morning.

Yet another election process in the midst of a pandemic. Safety protocols remain in place at the polls. And so does one other thing: the importance of making your voice heard.

“In this case, you’re talking city council, mayor, school board, park district,” said Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons. “Our children are being educated at the schools.

“City council members and mayors are hiring police chiefs, then they’re hiring police officers who patrol our streets.”

The consolidated election has a direct impact on the people who live and work in the county.

The early voting period began in late February, and Clerk Ammons said it only brought out a few hundred people to the polls. But it quickly reached the thousands by morning, with a lot of those voters coming through Brookens.

For some people, walking into the polling place and voting at the local level was a whole new experience.

“I feel great,” said Faith Washington. “I feel awesome. I’ve never done it before. I feel responsible.” She continued to say, “There’s changes that need to be made. Some big. Some small. Some major. I just want to put my voice in to try and help out in any way possible.”

“It’s very, very important people come out and vote because…we want to improve our communities,” said Robert Krueger.

If that is not incentive enough, Clerk Ammons said it is your money on the line.

“There’s 275 different races all across Champaign County,” said Ammons. “It you’re paying taxes and not voting, that to me is taxation without representation.”

The county clerk said there was an issue with internet connection at the polls in Ludlow early Tuesday morning. It was quickly fixed with only one person having to go to a different location.

Ammons said the rural polling places tend to see that problem at some point in the day.

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