Young’s Disposal Services to stop operations


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Changes are on the way for trash pickup, but people say it’s a surprise. Young’s Disposal Services is calling it quits. They say another company will keep things running.

Late last year, city council members voted whether or not to have only one pick-up service. The vote failed. Right now, people can pick from three companies, but not for long. 

“We’ve never been notified. It’s just a shock,” said Dorma Beals.

Beals said the switchover was news to her and her husband, Richard.

“Nobody’s every told us what was happening,” said Richard. 

The two made the switch to Young’s a few years ago. Lately, they say it’s been a bit unreliable. 

“Never know what day they’re going to pick it up or who’s gonna be working,” said Richard. 

The Beals are like many other Young’s customers who, starting May 1, will be serviced by Area Disposal instead. A post on Young’s Facebook page states the change is happening “due to unforeseen circumstances” and they “have no choice at this time.”

They go on to promise customers will see “no interruption in service” in the transition. Area Disposal representatives say customers may see changes in 2020 for billing, but not until then.

They say they’re still getting customer information from Young’s and they think most of the service will stay the same.

The Beals say it doesn’t make much of a difference to them as long as things are taken care of.

“Long as we get them picked up, we’re satisfied,” said Richard.

The switch-over in billing happens in May. Several other homeowners who didn’t want to be on camera, mentioned how hard-working the Young family was. They say their services will be missed. 

Although Area will be taking over, Advanced Disposal is another waste-hauler available for residents.

For more information on Area, click here. For more information on Advanced Disposal, click here

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