TOLONO, Ill. (WCIA) – It has cooled down significantly since last week, but a lot of plants and animals are dealing with stress that came from near record-breaking temperatures.

Two sisters in Tolono who had to take care of their nearly a dozen chickens said it actually went well.

They’ve been doing it for two years now and this summer they had to make a few adjustments because of the heat.

Like letting the chickens out earlier in the morning, making sure they had enough shade and plenty of water.

But they said honestly, the birds knew what to do to keep themselves cool.

“They kind of like bulge their wings out and it makes them cool down, I guess I didn’t know that, but they do that and they take dirt baths too. They like roll in the dirt and it keeps them cold,” Kaylee Estes said.

They also said the chickens sort of panted, like dogs do to keep themselves cool.

It was very much an educational experience for them, which is what 4-H is all about.

You can help support the Estes sisters and other 4-H members by donating to the “Investing in the Future Project Sponsorship”, here.