SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Two Springfield paramedics are being sued for the wrongful death of one person they transported to the hospital.

The family of Earl Moore Jr. is suing the two EMS workers Peter Cadigan and Peggy Finley as well as Lifestar, the private ambulance company they work for.

Earl Moore Jr. died in December from asphyxiation. Body camera footage from Springfield police officers showed Cadigan and Finley put Moore Jr. face down, which caused his according to the Sangamon County Coroner. The coroner classified his death as a homicide.

“My son was clearly struggling, and he needed help,” Rosina Washington, Moore Jr.’s mother, said. “He needed an emergency medical attention. Instead, these workers treated him like he wasn’t even human.”

Lifestar, Cadigan and Finley each face one charge of wrongful death as well as one charge breach of standard care.

At a news conference Thursday, the lawyers for the family say they are hoping the family gets “criminal culpability and civil accountability.”

“We want to make sure that this family get whole justice, not just partial justice, just like we deal with the family of George Floyd, in the family of Ahmaud Arbery,” attorney Ben Crump said.

Lawyers have not said how much financial damages they’re seeking from the wrongful death lawsuit.

“This lawsuit will be about Earl and about Earl’s pain and suffering in his mental anguish and not just about the families whose pain and suffering is unimaginable,” Bob Hilliard, another attorney also representing Earl Moore Jr.’s family, said.

Cadigan and Finley are also facing criminal charges of first-degree murder. Their first appearance in court was Thursday, which scheduled a preliminary hearing for the two EMS workers for 9 a.m. Friday. 

The attorney for Peggy Finley said he does not believe his client committed any criminal activity.

“It’s our position our intent that no crime was committed,” W. Scott Henken said. “I’ve never had a case that I believe involves non-criminal actions turned into a first-degree murder charge.”

The link to the full lawsuit can be found here.