Working to win city seat


DECATUR — Two people, who have never run for mayor, are currently up for the seat.

Incumbent Mayor Julie Moore-Wolfe was appointed to the seat two years ago. She’s running for a full-term against newcomer John Phillips. Both have different outlooks for changes they’d like to see.

Moore-Wolfe says she wants to see improvements in city government, plus increase public safety. Phillips is standing strong behind his campaign to cut property taxes and bring more jobs to the area.

Moore-Wolfe says she will not be making huge commitments like Phillips. She’s focused on keeping Mike McElroy’s legacy.

The former mayor passed away from a heart attack about two years ago. However, Moore-Wolfe says she wants to take his ideas to the next level. She would also like to expand infrastructure.

If elected,Phillips says a major problem is the lack of jobs. He’d like to create more and cap property taxes as his main goals.

Moore-Wolfe says cutting property taxes would be a tough promise to keep.

Both candidates have raised about $40,000 in campaign contributions. They’ve faced off for several weeks in a few debates.

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