SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Voters in Illinois have passed an amendment to the state constitution.

The Associated Press called the race Tuesday, finding about 53% of all voters checked yes for the amendment that voted to enshrine protections for workers to collectively bargain and pre-emptively stops any discussion of a Right-to-Work law.

Labor groups and unions strongly supported the new rule, saying protecting workers in a climate of union-busting is essential.

“We’ve seen some of the largest corporations in the country engage in, frankly, anti-worker activity,” Joe Bowen, Vote Yes For Worker’s Rights Amendment’s communications director, said. “Being able to protect everyone’s ability to step up and organize their workplace is a critical component to making sure everyone has access to some higher paying jobs, and safer workplaces.”

Business groups like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce were against the amendment, arguing it would raise property taxes.

The Illinois Constitution lists two routes of passage for constitutional amendments: having 60% of voters vote yes, or 50% of all ballots are yes including ballots who left the section blank. The amendment passed with the second route.

The amendment will go into effect when the State Board of Election certifies the results, which they plan to do next month.