Women’s shelter open for business!

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DANVILLE — Women and children living on the streets have a new place to stay.

Dayspring Shelter for Women and Children is open. Organizers have big plans to see it become more than just a place for people to lay their heads.

The doors are open and the director says some women have already stopped by. They expect to see more.

The unique thing about the shelter, it’s not just a building; it’s a home.

“When I come in here, I think about my own home. It’s peaceful and I know there’s love there.”

Wendy Coe is the new director of Dayspring. She says, from the outside, it would be hard to tell what’s inside.

“Home is necessary to me. There’s a warm, glowing feeling when you’re at home.”

After a year of planning, the doors are open. Daniel is the pastor at Danville Rescue Mission. He says the need for a place like Dayspring has been around for awhile; that’s one reason for starting it.

“The community has been crying out for it for the longest time because we had women coming down to the men’s shelter and they were refused, told to leave, because this is just for men.”

The shelter has all the looks of a home: couches to curl up on, beds to sleep in and love and support for those staying here.

“This facility is to let them and their children know that you can come here and have some place safe, but to learn about what God is saying to the world today.”

It’s an emergency shelter which can house 16 women and children at one time. But, Offett says it’s more than just a place to stay.

“They’ll have GED classes, parenting classes. They already have people coming to teach them special skills, social skills.”

Their biggest hope for this facility is to help women find jobs, places to live and get a fresh start on life.

“It’s not just for them being here right now. We’re not just a Band-aid for them to have some place to stay. After they do leave here, we will be following up with them and their children to see how they’re progressing.”

The shelter is funded with private donations. The money comes from churches, businesses and people in Illinois and Indiana.

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