SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — There are just a couple days left of march and that means we are still celebrating Women’s History Month.

Carla Berntsson works for FBI Springfield as a tactical researcher. Although she couldn’t give specifics on her job, she says she gathers and analyzes data for special agents.

Then, they use her research to help guide important investigations.

And in a male-dominated workplace, she says she has never felt out of place.

“I’ve worked in three different offices in two separate positions. And I’ve sat in countless meetings and different conference rooms across the entire nation. And I have to tell you, never have I felt like I was a female sitting in a male table.”

She says they’re a lot of opportunities for growth and the work is very fulfilling. She encourages any woman interested -to apply.

It must run in her family, because Berntsson’s husband is a special agent and her mom works for the bureau.

In the future, she says she wants to move in the ranks and have a more manager-like position with the FBI.